The 25-Minute Hip Opening Yoga Flow That Unwinds Years Worth of Built-Up Tension

An age I'd never thought I'd reach? The one where, like my mother and my grandmother before me, I'm finally subconsciously complaining about aching hips and making little oof noises when extracting myself from the sofa. All I have to say is TG for hip openers, which are lifesavers when it comes to releasing some of the tension.

By utilizing the right stretches and yoga poses, you can benefit from increased mobility, less pain, and even a deep emotional release. "Your hips are a place in the body where you store a lot of emotions and stress,” yoga instructor Leslie Lewis previously told Well+Good. “[They] fall in line with your second chakra, which is connected to emotions. Therefore, when you hit that area of your body, you stimulate that chakra and help open it, which can let go of emotions.”

Luckily, on the latest episode of Good Moves, BK Yoga Club co-founder Alicia Ferguson has built a 25-minute hip-opening yoga flow that will help provide both a physical and a mental release. Ferguson walks us through slow, deep ground stretches to begin, then moves into a series of twists, where you're meant to breathe into each pose to help tension dissipate. "Because we sit so much our hips get really tight and our body self adjusts to overcompensate in the areas that need a little work so we want to work on finding the truth in the alignment," she says. To move your body and really open up your hips, roll out your mat and press play on the video above, and get ready to feel some sweet, sweet relief.

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