Reset and Refresh Your Body and Your Mind With This Mobility and Meditation Series

What if, this January, you ignored all the voices telling you what you “should be” and instead focused on finding the healthful habits that feel right for *you*? With ReNew Year, the only thing we’re detoxing from is a restrictive mindset. Pick a goal—movement, food, self care, or all three—and hit refresh. Get the Program

Nike trainer Tara Nicolas is leading our ReNew Year Movement Program to bring us together to work out, stay motivated, and have some fun as we collectively press "reset." But, it's important to know that effective movement is about more than heart-pumping sweat sessions hitting a new PR. That's where mindfulness comes in. Today Nicholas guides us through a 25-minute mobility and meditation routine to facilitate finding openness and release in both your body and your mind.

The set incorporates a series of stretches and a 10-minute meditation. You can opt to practice the series on its own for a recovery session, or add it to the end of another workout to help you cool down.

Here's what to expect: Nicolas begins in child's pose, providing you with a few moments to find your breath and melt into your mat. Next, you'll find space in your hips and chest with cat cow stretches before practicing whatever stretch you feel called to. Following the opportunity for free-stretch comes a series of slow twists meant to function as oil for your joints and as a means to get your body moving while loosening up your muscles.

"Everything we do here, we're learning to approach it with this childlike curiosity. This playfulness. To kind of enjoy the exploration in our movement rather than judging our movement." —Tara Nicolas, Nike trainer

But the physical component isn't the only purpose of this series. Nicolas reminds that the mind-body connection is key, and, in this case, it's meant to promote joy. "Everything we do here, we're learning to approach it with this childlike curiosity. This playfulness," she says. "To kind of enjoy the exploration in our movement rather than judging our movement." This intention brings peace to the practice and provides the opportunity to check in with your body as you move through the series.

She follows up the twists with a series of adductor rocks and circles and full-body binds. These moves build onto each other, inviting you to extend further with each repetition and ease into the stretches. That said, it's important to not to force positions that don't feel natural.

To help, Nicolas provides modifications. "Remember to only go as far as you can keep breathing normally...wherever you find your happy place, you hold," she says. No matter how far you can press into each of these movements and rotations, though, you will naturally feel yourself getting deeper and extending further into the movement over time

After the 15 minutes of stretching, Nicolas leads a 10 minute meditation that you can do seated, lying down, or in any position that feels comfortable. The silent meditation is called "radiant human meditation, and the important thing is that it's a receptive practice," she says. The breathwork incorporated in the meditation brings your awareness to your senses and facilitates mental gratitude—similarly to the way the mobility stretches provides for a physical check-in with the body. Ultimately, the 25-minute mobility and meditation series is mind-body practice that doubles as great reset you can perform all year long.

Ready to get started? Press play on the video above, and follow along.

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