Feel the Burn Like Never Before With This 25-Minute Upper Body Circuit

Workouts that target your upper body are nothing to fear. In the latest episode of Good Moves, trainer Maxine Goynes of MG Method proves that a 25-minute upper-body workout that targets your your arms, shoulders, back, and more can totally fly by with the right exercises. Who knows—she might even make arm day your favorite day.

Experts In This Article

After first going through some wrist mobility exercises that will keep your body happy and feeling good throughout the exercises, the workout begins. And all that's required is a resistance band (no weights needed here!) and your mat. During the sweat sesh, no muscle is left untouched. During the four circuits that go through five exercises each, there's bear hold planks that put your arms and core to the test, one-arm side push-ups that require all of your upper-body strength, banded inchworm mountain climbers, and more. If you're already tired just from reading that, me too.

With all the unique and challenging exercise combinations Goynes goes through during her circuits, you'll never experience a second of boredom. And because there's hardly a break throughout the 25-minute upper-body workout, you'll most definitely be working up a sweat. Once you've reached the cobra stretch and child's pose at the end, you'll know you've made it. You're going to be sore in the best way possible.

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