This 4-Week Abs Challenge Is The Best Possible Way To Combat Quarantine Workout Boredom

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On day infinity of quarantine, it can feel admittedly challenging to find the motivation to roll out your mat and hit yet another at-home workout. If the whole process has started to feel a bit, well, snoozy, we don't blame you; in fact, we're right there with you. To help you combat quarantine workout burnout, we put together an easy-to-follow, 28-day abs challenge that will keep you on track towards hitting your fitness goals.

Featuring all kinds of different workouts from some of our favorite trainers and studios (including Barry's and Solidcore), there's no way you'll ever get bored. Plus, each session clocks in at less than 25 minutes, which means that scheduling them into your WFH routine will feel like a no brainer. Press play once a day, and for the first time in who-even-knows-how-long, you might even find yourself getting excited to work out. No matter how many planks you have to do.

Week 1: Pilates for core

Monday: 20-minute Pilates arms, core, and glute workout

Start your week off with a full, 20-minute Pilates workout that will work your core, arms, and glutes—no equipment required.

Tuesday: 15-minute Pilates core workout


This equipment-free, core-strengthening series utilizes small movements that will leave every muscle in your trunk quaking—and make you remember just how effective Pilates can be for strengthening your abs.

Wednesday: 8-minute Solidcore plank series

Missing the reformer? Grab some sliders (or even a towel) and get to work on this core-strengthening series from Solidcore.

Thursday: 15-minute lower abs Pilates workout

Target that hard-to-hit lower abs with this Pilates-centric workout. Even though it's only 15 minutes, it gets the job done. 

Friday: 9-minute Pilates glutes and core workout

Grab a small Pilates ball for this "abs and ass" series, which uses teeny, tiny movements to work your muscles to burnout.

Saturday:12 Minute Pilates Slider Workout

Don't ditch those sliders just yet. This 12-minute series will work your entire body, but requires you to engage your core the entire time, which means you'll definitely be feeling it in your abs the next day.

Sunday: 25-minute full-body Pilates workout

After a long week of workouts, give your core (somewhat) of a break by switching your focus to your whole body. Grab a resistance band and prepare to work every muscle to full-blown burnout.

Week 2: Core meets cardio

Monday: 15-minute standing core and cardio workout

Get your heart racing with this 10-minute core and cardio workout, which is chock full of planks, high knees, and a whole lotta lunges. Grab a set of weights and get to work.

Tuesday: 15-minute dancer abs workout

Who says core workouts can't be fun? This dancer abs workout will leave you shaking your booty and strengthening your abs at the same time.

Wednesday: 25-minute bodyweight HIIT and core workout

Get ready to sweat with this core-focused HIIT workout, which will have you planking to the point of exhaustion (in the best possible way).

Thursday: 5-minute yoga core flow

Take a break from all that cardio and treat your body to a five-minute yoga flow to stretch and strengthen your core.

Friday: 15-minute Barry's HIIT core workout

Get your fix of the infamous Red Room right in your living room with this Barry's-inspired workout. And trust us: It is just as hard as an IRL class (but thankfully, a whole lot shorter).

Saturday: 7-minute dancer abs workout

Since there's no such thing as "too many dancer abs workout," consider this one a bonus. The choreography is easy to follow, and you're sure to be sweating by the end of the first song.

Sunday: 15-minute core workout for runners

Today's workout is a little bit different. Start out by logging a few miles to get your cardio in, then follow along with this abs series that were designed specifically with runners in mind.

Week 3: Core plus

Monday: 8-minute core and back workout

Your core has been getting all the love these last few weeks, so now it's time to ramp things up by adding in some other body parts. First up? Your back, which is extra-important for keeping your abs strong. Grab a set of dumbbells and get to work.

Tuesday: 10-minute core and legs workout

Hit your lower body with this core and legs workout, which requires nothing more than your own bodyweight.

Wednesday: 10-minute core and arms workout

Today's workout will focus on your arms and core, which means there are a whole lot of plank variations in your future. Don't have dumbbells? Don't worry—you can sub in some wine bottles (or any other heavy-ish object you can hold in your hands), or just do the whole workout without 'em.

Thursday: 10-minute core and glutes workout

Perk up that peach with this glute-focused core workout, which requires two dumbbells and a whole lot of full-body strength.

Friday: 13-minute abs and back band workout

Add a little resistance into your routine and hit your abs and back at the same time. Don't have a resistance band? Sub in some free weights to get same amount of burn in a slightly different way.

Saturday: 5-minute kettlebell core workout

Level up your usual abs routine with some kettlebells, or any sort of heavy weight you've got lying around. This way, you'll get some added burns in your arms and shoulders in addition to your core. And remember: A heavier weight doesn't make a better workout—it's good form that does that.

Sunday: 11-minute yoga flow for core strength

After all of this week's strengthening, give your core a much-needed stretch (and, ok, a little bit more strengthening) with this 11-minute flow. Side-plank crunches, here you come.

Week 4: All core everything

Monday: 10-minute core workout

During the final week of the challenge, you'll be able to see how much stronger you've gotten over the course of the month with a series of core-focused workouts. First up? A 10-minute, equipment-free workout care of Nike Trainer and Rumble Instructor Ash Wilking.

Tuesday: 5-minute plank challenge

Chances are, after 22 days of work your planks are better than ever. Put them to the test with this five-minute challenge, full of all kinds of "fun" variations.

Wednesday: 8-minute anywhere abs workout

Forget having to lie out a mat to get a workout in—you can do this 8-minute series anywhere. Including on a lounge chair by the pool.

Thursday: 7-minute resistance band core workout

Amp up your usual planks and crunches by adding a resistance band, which does the job to make everything harder (but thankfully, more effective).

Friday: 15-minute bodyweight abs series

This 2x4x2 workout will take you through two sets of four exercises, each of which you'll cycle through twice. It'll hit your upper and lower abs plus your obliques, which means that after 12 minutes you'll officially be done for the day.

Saturday: 6-move, 7-minute abs workout

For your ultimate core challenge workout, all you'll have to do is get through six moves: Hollow rocks, single-leg sit-ups, push-up mountain climbers, low-plank oblique crunches, high-plank trunk rotations, and side-plank crunches. Cycle through it twice and you'll be good to go.

Sunday: 15-minute at home abs workout

The only thing standing between you and the end of the challenge is this 15-minute workout, which at this point, you'll be able to make it through without a problem. Then, it's time to pop the champagne (or kombucha) and congratulate yourself, because you did it!

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