Numerologists Say the Angel Number Date 3/3 Is All About Abundance and Growth—Here’s Why

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As far as clichéd phrases go, the number three provides great fodder. You say two’s a crowd? Then, three’s a party. Of course, all good things come in threes. And when your first or second tries don’t pan out, well, the third time’s always the charm. Idioms aside, though, there’s a certain appealing roundness or wholeness to the number three (a triangle is said to be the strongest shape in nature, after all), and in terms of numerology, that positive energy abounds. When you consider three's double appearance in the upcoming date 3/3, the numerological meaning of the day takes on an even more abundant tinge.

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Considered an angel number, or a number bearing a certain universal meaning thanks to its repeating digits, the date 3/3 is primed for activities and energies linked to the number three—which is all about growth, learning, socializing, and creativity, says numerologist Jasmine Wolfe. “The emphasis on a 3/3 day is always going to be about outward expression through communicating or creating something to put out into the world.”

Similarly, if you think of the number three in terms of synthesizing the numbers one (which is all about the self) and two (which deals with partnerships and observation of others), three represents an opportunity to express yourself authentically as a way to then make those connections, says numerologist Johanna Aúgusta. In that way, 3/3 becomes a day to use your unique ideas in order to build fruitful relationships or partnerships, she adds.

Why the number 3 holds such a positive numerological meaning

Connections between astrology and numerology—both systems for understanding universal patterns' push-pull on our livelihoods—often help shed light on numerological meanings. In this case, the number three is represented by the planet Jupiter, according to numerologist Jesse Kalsi.

“Under the magnified energy of Jupiter and the number three, the date 3/3 will mark an increase in productivity.” —Jesse Kalsi, numerologist

Often called the Great Benefic for its ties to our own expansion, growth, and well-being, Jupiter is associated with abundance and success in astrology—and the number three carries the same supportive meaning in numerology. “Under the magnified energy of Jupiter and the number three, the date 3/3 marks an increase in productivity,” says Kalsi. “Money may flow more easily, and financial obstacles may finally be tackled.”

The fact that Jupiter appears twice, symbolically, in the date 3/3 just amplifies the date’s meaning as a portal for abundant financial endeavors, says Kalsi. And the strong connection between the date 3/3 and the third astrological house of communication makes it all the more likely that group dynamics will play a role in bringing these financial strides into fruition.

The full meaning of the date 3/3/2022, according to numerology

Because the numerological significance of a number is often gleaned by adding up all of its digits until you “reduce” to a single integer, the full meaning of the date 3/3/2022 extends beyond the interpretation of just 3/3. “To calculate the day’s number, you’d add 3+3+2+0+2+2 to get 12, which you can then add as 1+2 to get 3 again,” says Wolfe. “I would write this date's number as 12/3, which shows us the perfect linear progression of the numbers, as in 1, 2, 3. As a result, 3/3/22 is a day well-aligned to personal growth and furthering us along our life journey.”

Separately, if you consider the big "three" energy of the date 3/3 alongside the fact that 2022, in and of itself, is a “six” year in numerology (2+0+2+2=6), you’ll find complementary energies at play, according to Kalsi. “The number six is associated with the planet Venus, and represents wealth, luxury, beauty, arts, and money,” he says, “all of which complement Jupiter’s reign over abundance and luck.” Together, the influence of these numbers make 3/3/2022 a prime day for material benefit. To lean into this energy, Kalsi suggests using this day to purchase property or sign a lease, request a promotion, inaugurate a business, or launch a new project—anything with the power to transform creativity or hard work into tangible success.

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