3 Ways to Maintain a Mama Glow for Your Whole Nine Months

Latham Thomas Mama Glow pregnancy for cool urban women
Latham Thomas created a holistic guide to pregnancy for chic urban women (Photo: Experience Life Magazine)


When Latham Thomas was pregnant with her son, who eventually emerged at 7 pounds 11 ounces, she maintained her vegan diet, fabulous wardrobe, and social schedule—and gained a grand total of 14 pounds.

Her first book, Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy, debuts on November 6, and is your chance to experience your nine months her way.

"I felt called—and almost forced—to write this book, because my experience through pregnancy was really amazing," the yogi, holistic health and birth coach, and all-around wellness rockstar says. "I felt great the entire time."

Mama Glow

Plus Thomas wanted to make up for what she wasn't seeing in the giant What To Expect aisle of the bookstore: "There were no resources for women who wanted to live more holistically but also embrace the idea that they were urban, chic women," Thomas says. "I’m so into health, well-being, and organics, and I really like my shoes and Stella McCartney."

And the fabulousness she urges women to embody is not just skin deep. "It's about using what's happening on a physical, biological, and spiritual level to embrace how powerful we are as women—our glow power within."

Mama Glow is divided into pre-, during-, and post-pregnancy sections, with diet, yoga, and self-care/lifestyle practices to help stay healthy and feel great at every point.

Thomas shares three tips for cultivating the glow for your whole nine months:

1. Grab more greens. "It's one of the things people think that they're doing," Thomas says, "but they probably need more." Folate is very important during pregnancy, and while you can take folic acid supplements, it's more easily assimilated via food. Eating a ton of greens will also help regulate those crazy pregnancy cravings and balance out your blood sugar. "Instead of just a salad a day, bump it up to two huge servings," Thomas suggests. "Two thirds of your plate should be greens."

2. Roll out your yoga mat. "In yoga class, you’ll learn techniques and positions that will assist in strengthening your body in preparation for labor and delivery, like postures that will help increase your stamina," Thomas explains. She suggests heading to a prenatal class where sequences will be tailored to what your body's going through, and where you can build community with other moms-to-be.

3. Learn to be a meditating mommy. Meditation during pregnancy is really important, says Thomas. Especially for constantly on-the-go, career-driven New York women. It helps you adjust to the change of pace. "Over the nine months, as you grow, you’re going to have to slow down, and meditating prepares you for that. It teaches you to be more patient," she says.

It will also help you get through labor in the most Zen way possible, since you can use the techniques in the delivery room. "Meditation teaches you how to keep your brain at a level of functioning where it can help your labor move more quickly and rhythmically," Thomas says. Sign us up, please. —Lisa Elaine Held

To pre-order a copy of Mama Glow, visit Amazon.com, or get a signed copy when you attend the Mama Glow Book Launch Party ($25–$120) hosted by Rebecca Minkoff and Fit Pregnancy

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