This 30-Minute Full-Body SLT Workout Is Like Having A Private Pilates Session From Home

Adding some Pilates to your weekly fitness regimen is the workout-equivalent of eating your veggies: You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Besides bringing some serious heat to your muscles, Pilates helps you build a strong and stable foundation that you'll be able to build on the more you do it. One of the best ways to intensify classic Pilates movements is to grab a pair of sliders (or socks), which is all you'll need for today's workout.

All month long on Well+Good's Trainer of the Month Club, SLT trainer Pamela Trujillo has been helping you hone your Pilates technique using only a mat and sliders–SLT's specialty to get your muscles quivering in seconds. Today's workout will bring it all together with a 30-minute full-body slider series that will hit all of your favorite moves to work your upper-body, lower-body, and (how could we forget) your core. Here's a preview of your first five moves to get the party started, then make sure to check out the video above for the rest of your workout.

Try this 30-minute at-home Pilates workout

1. Side planks: You'll get start out with your hands on your mat and your feet on your sliders in your straight-arm plank. From here (with your feet still on your sliders), kick your right foot through towards your left side and open up into your right-side plank. Slowly slide your foot back to your starting position, and hit this move on the left. Continue alternating with control.

2. Bear plank to high-plank: This is your last move in the plank position before you get to lay down on your mat, so really make the most of it. Back in your high-plank with your hands on the mat and your feet on the sliders, slide both feet forward towards you until you're in your bear plank: shoulders over wrists, core tight, and knees hovering two inches off the ground. Squeeze your core and slide your feet back out into your regular plank. Remember to push the mat away with your hands to take any unnecessary pressure out of your shoulders.

3. Sit-ups: Congratulations, it's time to lay down on your mat. Don't get too comfy though: it's sit-up time. Lightly place your hands behind your ears, and–without pulling on your neck–let your upper abs do the work to lift your upper-body up and back down.

4. Twisting crunches: Get ready to hit those obliques. Still with your hands behind your head, lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the mat and tap your elbow to opposite knee. You'll wrap this movement up by reaching both hands up towards the ceiling and pulsing to the finish.

5. Leg-lifts: Still on your back, place your hands down by your sides and lift your legs straight up into the air. Squeeze your thighs together, pull your bellybutton towards your spine, and slowly lower your legs down towards the ground and lift them back up. If your hamstrings are feeling tight here, go ahead and bend your legs slightly. You don't have to hit a big range of motion for this one, just lower your legs as far down as it takes to feel those abs turn on.

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