This Gentle 30-Minute Full-Body Pilates Workout Is Packed With Twists and Curls To Build Strength

When you think of strength workouts, a picture of intense exercises, loads of weights, and sweat dripping down your body probably comes to mind. But you can still get stronger even if you're not drenched in sweat and begging your trainer for 30 more recovery seconds. Need more proof? On the latest episode of Good Moves, Brian Spencer of East River Pilates guides us through a 30-minute full-body Pilates workout that is the perfect combination of gentle and challenging.

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"Today we're going to be doing a nice 30-minute, all-levels Pilates moment. So we're just going to be doing head-to-toe stabilizing, strengthening, and a little bit of stretching," says Spencer. This may sound like a lot, but trust us when we say it's one of those workouts that will leave your muscles feeling loose and long, your body feeling more open, and your mind feeling refreshed. And because the Pilates method focuses on slow-twitch muscles, there's no cranking through reps or feeling like you have to "go hard".

Instead, expect to move slow and controlled throughout movements like squats, forward folds, and downward-facing dog as you begin to add heat to your body. You'll also do a hamstring strengthening and stretch series, which will leave you surprised at just how great you feel immediately after, in addition to a "juicy" core series that includes exercises like forward curls and oblique twists.

Your hamstring, hips, back, abs, and triceps—just to mention a few of the muscles worked—are going to feel brand new after this 30-minute full-body Pilates workout. Don't believe us? Queue your favorite chill playlist, press play on the video above, and get ready to reset your mind and muscles.

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