This 30-Minute Restorative Yoga Flow Should Be a Part of Your Weekly Workout Rotation

The events of this past year have changed each and every one of us in a variety of ways, but not all are negative. For me, the pandemic forever altered how I view "the hustle" and the tendency for many of us to push our bodies/minds/hearts/souls to the point of burnout. These days, when something inside me is calling for rest, I heed the call. On the latest episode of  Good Moves, BK Yoga Club co-founder Paris Alexandra offers up a way to incorporate rejuvenating movement into that rest in the form of a 30-minute restorative yoga flow.

Experts In This Article
  • Paris Alexandra, wellness artist, yoga and creative mindfulness facilitator

Alexandra recommends incorporating the slow and gentle 30-minute flow she demos into your weekly workout regimen if you're injured or do a lot of high-intensity classes, but I'd argue that you deserve a rest day regardless. The routine makes use of a number of props, including blankets, pillows or bolsters, straps or towels, and blocks; however, if you've all you got is yourself and a mat, that works, too.

Each pose is held "a lot longer" than usual, according to Alexandra, which means you should still expect to seriously engage your muscles, even as you take it easy. It can and should, however, be adjusted to your individual needs and desires. "You're encouraged to make modifications and really listen to your body," she advises.

As she concludes the restorative yoga flow, Alexandra says, "Today we've activated the calm responses in our body, which allows us to restore and heal." To that, I say "YES!," because healing is the new hustling. Press play to ease into the new normal, where honoring the needs of your body beats pushing yourself to the brink any day.

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