4 Thermal Baths That Will Convince You to Book a Flight to Budapest ASAP

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The end of summer always initially feels like a bummer, but once you've gotten over your summer scaries, it's basically nothing but blue skies, pumpkin spice lattes, and hygge-inducing clothing ahead.

And while taking a hot bath during the summer is pretty rare since, you know, that's basically what being outside in the 100 percent humidity feels like anyway, the same isn't true for the season's cold counterparts: Fall and winter are all about immersing yourself in warmth and relaxation (say it with me: "hygge" and "lagom"). And if the season's sparked your wanderlust, you could visit an Instagram-famous hot spring—or you could travel to the hugely underrated Budapest.

As it turns out, the city is actually sitting on 125 thermal springs, so the concept of unwinding in the bath is pretty engrained in local culture. If you're looking for a Thanksgiving or winter escape, these four Budapest baths will convince you to book a flight to Hungary ASAP.

See 4 of Budapest's beautiful thermal baths below.

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1. Széchenyi thermal bath

Sitting in the middle of a park and housing 15 different thermal baths (in addition to three pools), Széchenyi is actually Europe's largest medicinal bath.

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2. Gellert thermal bath

You've likely come across the Gellert bath in the Instagram feeds of your favorite travel bloggers. The indoor and outdoor bathhouse features healing thermal pools, an indoor lap pool (surrounded by greenery and with a glass ceiling) and even has an outdoor wave pool.

3. Rudas baths

Visiting a Rudas bath is basically like going back in time: It was built in 1550(!!!) and differs from some of Budapest's other offerings with its Turkish-style baths.

4. Lukács bath

Although this bath is just as old as other Budapest locations, Lukács was recently renovated and now includes some modern amenities.

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