How You Should Revamp Your Home Next, per Your 4th House in Astrology

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Your birth chart is a powerful tool to refer to when it comes to discerning your communication habits, love language, and want to deepen your understanding of yourself. When you're considering a potential home renovation or even a simple redecorating project, you'd be wise to refer to your 4th house in astrology.

As a reminder, the zodiac wheel is divided into 12 houses that overlap with each of the zodiac signs. Each house represents a different aspect of life, and the 4th house reflects all things domestic. "The 4th house in astrology is the sector of your chart dedicated to home and family," says astrologer Rachel Lang. "Think of it as the soil that nurtures your roots so you can grow and succeed in other areas of your life. The 4th house shows how our living space nurtures and supports us."

"Think of it as the soil that nurtures your roots so you can grow and succeed in other areas of your life. The 4th house shows how our living space nurtures and supports us."—Rachel Lang, astrologer

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So, when you know which sign (or signs) is in your 4th house in astrology, you can make more empowered home-decor choices that can help to set you up for success in other areas of life. Read on to learn more about the 4th house and how to revamp your home according to the private astrological house.

What is the 4th house in astrology?

Known as the house of home and family, the 4th astrological house deals with domestic matters. This includes your idea of family, its dynamics, roles, and your literal house. “In astrology, the 4th house is known as an angular house, meaning it is one of the most important houses in the birth chart,” explains astrologer Danny Santos, adding that angular houses are the basic and foundational parts of the birth chart.

The 4th house is one of the most personal houses of our chart as it deals with details of our lives that are privy only to our family members and those close enough to us to divulge. In a literal sense, it denotes the relationship you have with your family and how you prefer to decorate your home. In a deeper sense, it can discern generational wounds and cycles as well as what you need to feel nurtured and cared for. Like its corresponding zodiac sign, Cancer, the 4th house is extremely compassionate, intimate, and private.

Is healing in your 4th house?

More than how you view family or how you decorate your home, the 4th house is also a place of generational healing. As Santos puts it, the 4th house will reflect the life circumstances that you were raised in. “Your habits, relationships to others, and view on home and security will be dependent on how the 4th house is aspected in your chart,” Santos adds.

“Your habits, relationships to others, and view on home and security will be dependent on how the 4th house is aspected in your chart.”—Danny Santos, astrologer

Understanding what characteristics, values, and energies are present in the 4th house can give you insight into what cycles exist and how to heal from them. “Healing that can come from the 4th house is recognizing the conscious and unconscious patterning an individual has due to the way they were raised, their living environment as a child, and how their emotional needs were tended to or not,” explains Santos. The 4th house can be a useful place for introspection and understanding what you need to feel stable in your environment.

Before jumping into the specific energies of the 4th house, a primer on the 12 houses is outlined below.

What are the 12 houses in astrology?

In astrology, the sky is divided into 12 zodiac signs, which correspond to the 12 houses. The same is true in your individual natal chart—everyone has a zodiac sign(s) located in one of the 12 houses. Each house rules a different realm of life, including the way you communicate, your daily rituals, and how you operate in different relationships. In addition to zodiac signs, planets may also dwell in the houses, supercharging specific energies into these different areas.

The 12 houses in astrology include:

1st house: House of Self

The 1st house corresponds with your outward appearance, your personality, and your individuality. In short, this house is all about what makes you, you.

2nd house: House of Value

The 2nd house symbolizes money, material, and immaterial possessions, and your sense of self-worth.

3rd house: House of Communication

The 3rd house governs communication, sharing with others, and interpersonal connections. It’s also sometimes referred to as the House of Sharing.

4th house: House of Home and Family

You guessed it: The 4th house represents your home and family. It rules your traditions, your relationship with parental figures, and your views on domestic systems.

5th house: House of Pleasure

The 5th house symbolizes fun, pleasure, passion, and creativity. This is where your inner child lives.

6th house: House of Health

Your mental and physical welfare falls under the 6th house. This house also governs your eating habits, self-care, and daily rituals.

7th house: House of Balance

The 7th house revolves around your relationships—romantic, professional, friendships, and marriage.

8th house: House of Transformation

The dark and mysterious 8th house symbolizes all things taboo: sex, kinks, death, rebirth, sudden losses, and sudden gains.

9th house: House of Purpose

The 9th house rules over philosophy, long-distance travel, higher education, and your greater purpose in life. It involves the lofty, sweeping perspectives you have on life in relation to religion, spirituality, and morals.

10th house: House of Enterprise

The 10th house astrology deals with your motivations and ambitions at work as well as your public image and social status. It’s the legacy you wish to leave behind.

11th house: House of Friendships

Your 11th house corresponds with your community, friends, and peers and is often associated with hope and prosperity. This house governs your role in the collective as well as your personal wealth–financial and otherwise.

12th house: House of Sacrifice

The final house deals with your subconscious and spiritual alignment. It deals with your dreams, emotions, intuition, and psyche.

What do the planets mean in the 4th house?

Moving on, what does it mean when certain planets are located in the 4th house? For starters, like zodiac signs, each planet has corresponding energy which adds cosmic charges to your home life and domestic matters. For instance, if you have Venus (the planet of love and beauty) located in the 4th house, it may discern a particular affinity for art and aesthetics in the home. You might be into fine art or keep an especially pretty space.

Note that you might have planets in the 4th house. Before you freak out, no, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have a troubled home life or that a family isn’t in your future. Empty houses just mean there aren’t any specific planetary energies present in this area. You will, though, have at least one zodiac sign located in this house (more on that later).

Read on to learn what it means when certain planets are stationed in the 4th house of domestic matters.

Sun (the planet of ego):

If the sun is in the 4th house, you’re likely family-oriented or show your authentic personality at home. “This person is likely to be attached to family members, separate their personal life from other areas of life, and be deeply intuitive and aligned with the moods and people around them,” explains Santos.

Moon (the planet of emotions)

The moon rules over your emotional temperament, which is why Santos says that people with the moon in the 4th house are likely in tune with the emotional subtleties of those closest to them—particularly your family members. “Those with this placement will likely feel the most rejuvenated or at peace when at home, away from the unpredictable nature of life, and able to bask in the simple pleasures of quality time with loved ones or spend alone with a preferred hobby,” Santos adds.

Mercury (the planet of communication) 

Mercury is the planet that explains how we communicate with others, so if it’s stationed in the personal 4th house, Santos explains that this person may be extra private with who they disclose things to others—basically the opposite of a gossip. “This placement will also favor individuals who are incredibly investigative and able to get to the root of the moods and feelings of those around them quickly,” he explains.

Venus (the planet of romance and beauty)

As the planet of love, Venus in the 4th house makes a person reserve a special place for family, chosen and biological, Santos says. “When it comes to relationships, their preference is emotional intimacy, quality time, and physical touch, and typically they will show love through all of these while also being incredibly gifted at acts of service and gift giving,” says Santos. That’s in part because the 4th house is a particularly sentimental place.

Mars (the planet of aggression)

Mars in the 4th house, according to Santos, means this person can be on the moody side. It’s an emotional house, and with Mars discerning passion, these people tend to be extra reactive. Plus, “This placement can make an individual initiate goals that would be beneficial to their personal life and to those they love, however, fighting with the people they are closest with is also part of this alignment,” says Santos.

Jupiter (the planet of abundance)

Grandiosity and abundance are the pillars of Jupiter, so when it’s sitting in the 4th house, Santos says it impacts an individual to be jovial, warm, and expansive. Rather than being private, “This alignment will welcome in parties and fun events from the home and enjoy travel and take time off from work to ensure they have a healthy adventurous side of life,” he explains.

Saturn (the planet of responsibility)

Because Saturn is all about longevity and discipline, Santos says this influences someone to be devoted to all matters of the home and family. “This alignment will show that these areas of life can be challenging, but with resilience, discipline, and strength, the native will grow tremendously,” he adds. They’re the type to work tirelessly for a resolution to conflict and go the distance with familial relationships.

Uranus (the planet of radical change)

There’s nothing typical about the planet Uranus, and that goes the same for family dynamics when it’s stationed in the 4th house. “Uranus in the 4th house will show a native that is prone to unconventional living situations,” Santos explains. “Whether it’s moving around a lot as a child, being estranged from a parent or other close family member, or simply experiencing the unpredictable nature of life, this alignment is sure to keep the native on their toes.”

Neptune (planet of imagination)

Neptune is where we tend to have delusions, but it’s also where we have big dreams. For that reason, if it’s in the 4th house, there can be two sides of the spectrum. At best, “this individual may feel a deeply spiritual connection to the home and personal life,” explains Santos. On the other hand, he says, “this alignment can show an overly religious childhood or household, neglect from parental figures, and a lack of support with learning disabilities.”

Pluto (planet of transformation) 

Because Pluto is an intense planet of change and rebirth, Santos says it can discern constant change in the 4th house. “More often than not, this will reflect a living environment where the individual has to overcome the generational curses that they were born into from their family,” explains Santos. Karmic challenges are a given with this placement.

How to find your 4th house

In order to find your 4th house, you’ll need to have your birthdate, time, and birthplace ready. Enter this information in an online generator like this one and look to the 4th house, which, if you think of your natal chart wheel as a clock, is located at 5 o’clock. To understand the general vibe of your 4th house, you’ll want to consider the zodiac sign(s) that are stationed in the house, along with any planetary alignments.

Got it? Now, learn about the zodiacal characteristics that make up your 4th house below.

What each sign in the 4th house reveals about you

Aries in the 4th house

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If you're looking at Aries energy within your 4th house, then your home is best warmed by anything conveying firey imagery—literal or abstract. "Candles work, of course, but you can add fire in other ways," says Lang. "Add red accent colors to your main living space or any artwork with triangles—the shape associated with the element of fire.”

Because of their natural competitive and active nature, Santos says that having a place where they can work out or lose themselves in a hobby or activity they’re passionate about is essential. “The aesthetic is going to show their personality off, but this placement is less predictable in terms of individual style,” he explains.

Taurus in the 4th house

taurus horoscope

Taurus is an Earth sign that thrives in material comforts. What’s more, people with Taurus in the 4th house usually yearn for some kind of flora. Your home craves an eternal springtime, complete with fresh blossoms and pastels. "Add flowers and live plants throughout your home to bring more beauty into your space," says Lang. "Taurus colors are rose pink and light blue. These colors enhance the qualities of your Taurus 4th house.”

According to Santos, natives with Taurus in the 4th house tend to be “organized, tidy, and with a sophisticated aesthetic.” Taurus needs to have a place that’s stable more than anything, “Whether it’s beautiful artwork throughout the home, regal furniture, or a renaissance flare to their living quarters.”

Gemini in the 4th house

gemini horoscope

Gemini is a quick-witted brainy sign, so when it’s in the 4th house, it’s likely your home needs a space where you can learn more and more about the things you love. "Your 4th house needs to nurture your intellect," says Lang. "Add a bookshelf, if you don’t have one already, and fill it with your favorite books. Make sure to leave some space on the shelf, though, for new books. A bookshelf that’s too full communicates no more room for learning and personal growth."

But it’s not so much the way you decorate your home, says Santos, as it is leaving room for your everchanging tendencies. “Whether it’s moving around furniture, having a home that is filled with regular moves, or simply cohabitating with someone who has a strong personality and is highly communicative, these natives have a stimulating home environment,” he says.

Cancer in the 4th house

cancer horoscope

Since Cancer is the ruler of all things domestic, it feels at home in the 4th house. You need your sphere to be untouchable and calming, and you can best do that by playing upon Cancer's given element. "Add a water fountain by your front entrance so whenever you enter, you have an immediate sense of coming home to a spa-like environment since water is Cancer’s element, and the sounds of it would be soothing," says Lang.

If a fountain isn’t practical, “consider a painting with blue tones,” adds Lang. “Make your space a place of relaxation from the very moment you enter the door." Plus, Santos says that this placement is extra sentimental, so they’ll likely want to make their home a canvas “for all the love and memories they share with their family and will desire deep connections.”

Leo in the 4th house

leo horoscope

You want to bring out your inner lioness, and that means being able to play with sparkle and lux, fuzzy textures. To reflect your grandiosity and playful energy, "I recommend gold for your home decor," says Lang. "Really make your space shine with a dramatic flair. Metallics work well for Leo 4th house people, and another idea to consider would be incorporating animal prints into your decor or having a faux fur throw on your sofa."

Santos explains that those with this placement have a penchant for the finer things, so space to have an expansive wardrobe or fancy car. Plus, you can’t feel quite at home without a space where you can allow your creativity to thrive. “Bigger is better in their mind and they prefer to make home a canvas for their creativity,” adds Santos.

Virgo in the 4th house

virgo horoscope

Being that Virgo is about practicality and organization, Lang suggests that when located in the 4th house, a sleek and clean space is the goal. While you appreciate simple, elegant decor, what matters most is that your home is orderly. "I recommend creating a multifunctional space that you can use as an office space for the times when you’re working more from home,” says Lang. “Turn a closet into a desk space, or add a statement-piece desk with an organization system."

Adding to your neat nature, “[Virgo in the 4th house people] typically enjoy styles that are clean, refined, and tasteful and favor a more modest approach with muted colors,” Santos explains. The focus is on the little things, so you may appreciate the intricate details like subtle lighting and closet organization.

Libra in the 4th house

libra horoscope

Beauty and balance are the cornerstones to rely on when Libra is located in the 4th house. Being that Libra is a sign of aesthetics, "In choosing art, go for paintings and sculptures that feature things in pairs or multiples of two,” Lang explains. “Stay away from images with either one person or three, since things in threes are considered challenging for relationships in feng shui. Avoid three mirrors hanging side by side or triptychs."

Santos adds that Libra in the 4th house focuses on a combination of form and function. “Their things must reflect an aesthetic that is pleasurable while also having a practical use,” he says. But don’t think that flair isn’t top of mind for Libra. “Elegance is the most important thing for this home,” Santos adds.

Scorpio in the 4th house

scorpio horoscope

Leaning on Scorpio's love of mysticism, you likely see your home as a highly sacred space where the magic happens. You might want to build an altar or make your space sensual and risque. "I recommend creating an intentional meditation space with an altar, meditation cushions, candles, and silk cloths," says Lang. "Silk is a high-vibrational fabric. It can be a protective barrier between you and other things in your environment."

Plus, Santos explains that this placement should be prepared for the flow of change and home improvement that reflects their ever-changing nature. “There is less fear around needing to be comfortable and more of a desire to achieve an idealistic version of the home,” explains Santos.

Sagittarius in the 4th house

sagittarius horoscope

If Sagittarius is in the 4th house, you might struggle with permanency—this is the sign of travel and wanderlust, after all. But Santos says that this placement will feel at home in an environment that reflects their eclectic and adventurous vibe. “The home may be decorated by from objects all over the world, take stylistic choices from a different culture, or be a combination of two different aesthetics,” says Santos.

Sagittarius energy is all about knowledge and philosophy, so having a library or plenty of space for books and knickknacks from your travels is essential. “Regardless, these individuals will have a home life that is certain to be exciting and diverse,” Santos explains. It’s important for them to feel stimulated even when they find themselves stuck inside for a while.

Capricorn in the 4th house

capricorn horoscope

Capricorn is associated with keeping tradition and honoring the past, which is why your home decor will probably benefit from going vintage. This means collecting old photos of your grandparents or trolling Etsy for antique finds. “Overall, these individuals prefer styles that reflect the magic of the past and may have reverence for old film and music styles, as well as antiques,” says Santos.

Plus, Santos says that because of your hardworking nature, you’re destined to bring your career home with you, so having a space that you can devote to your professional pursuits is a must if Capricorn is in your 4th house. “It is important that these individuals have an office space, that the environment is typically clean and properly furnished, and there is a desire for a timeless aesthetic,” Santos adds.

Aquarius in the 4th house

aquarius horoscope

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, energetic connections between others, as well as all things strange. You might be drawn to kitschy and eclectic aesthetics that color your unique vibe. “The more unusual or original the better for these natives,” Santos explains.

Suffice it to say, that the oddball zodiac sign is drawn to technology, and people with this placement thrive in environments that reflect their modern mindset. “When Aquarius rules the 4th house, oftentimes these individuals will appreciate stimulation from technology and finding unique and innovative ways to decorate the home that reflect their own personal style,” says Santos. You might have an Alexa in every room, a smart mirror, or whatever trendy gadget that piques the interest of you and your guests.

Pisces in the 4th house

pisces horoscope

Romantic and intuitive Pisces pursues an idyllic space they can retreat to and daydream. To match your flowy and no-boundaries vibe, Santos says you may appreciate an environment that is serene, beautiful, and one where you can let your creative juices flow.

Green spaces and an area you can devote to your spiritual practice are the perfect way to honor Pisces in the 4th house. “There is a desire for having their home be a sacred spot for spiritual activity like meditation, yoga, or prayer, and they will love decorating the home with art, and plants, and appreciate having a calming and alluring aura,” says Santos. “Whether it’s music, nice aromas, crystals, or other spiritual and pleasing objects, these natives want their home to be a sanctuary.”

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