The Next Home-Decor Upgrade to Make by Zodiac Sign, Using Your 4th House Astrology

When you're considering a potential home renovation, or even a simple redecorating project—and with the influx of time you may have spent at home recently in order to hep stop the spread of the pandemic, you might be doing exactly that—you'd be wise to consider your 4th house in astrology. As a reminder, the zodiac wheel is divided into 12 houses that overlap with each of the zodiac signs. Each house represents a different aspect of life, and the 4th house reflects all things domestic.

"The 4th house in astrology is the sector of your chart dedicated to home and family," says astrologer Rachel Lang. "Think of it as the soil that nurtures your roots so you can grow and succeed in other areas of your life. The 4th house shows how our living space nurtures and supports us."

"The 4th house shows how our living space nurtures and supports us. Think of it as the soil that nurtures your roots so you can grow and succeed in other areas of your life." —astrologer Rachel Lang

So, when you know which sign (or signs) is in your 4th house in astrology, you can make more empowered home-decor choices that can help to set you up for success in other areas of life. You can run a free online chart generator like this one to find out what exactly is going on in your 4th house.

The best home-decor tweak to make, using your 4th house astrology sign


If you're looking at Aries energy within your 4th house, then your home is best warmed by anything conveying firey imagery—literal or abstract.

"Candles work, of course, but you can add fire in other ways," says Lang. "Add red accent colors to your main living space, or any artwork with triangles—the shape associated with the element of fire."


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, and it usually yearns for some kind of flora. Your home craves an eternal springtime, complete with fresh blossoms and pastels.

"Add flowers and live plants throughout your home to bring more beauty into your space," says Lang. "Taurus colors are rose pink and light blue. These colors enhance the qualities of your Taurus 4th house."


Gemini is a quick-witted brainy sign, so your home needs a space where you can learn more and more about the things you love.

"Your 4th house needs to nurture your intellect," says Lang. "Add a bookshelf, if you don’t have one already, and fill it with your favorite books. Make sure to leave some space on the shelf, though, for new books. A bookshelf that’s too full communicates no more room for learning and personal growth."


Since Cancer is the ruler of all things domestic, it feels at home in the 4th house. You need your sphere to be untouchable and calming, and you can best do that by playing upon Cancer's given element.

"Add a water fountain by your front entrance so whenever you enter, you have an immediate sense of coming home to a spa-like environment since water is Cancer’s element, and the sounds of it would be soothing," says Lang. "If it’s not possible to have a fountain, consider a painting with blue tones. Make your space a place of relaxation from the very moment you enter the door."


You want to bring out your inner lioness, and that means being able to play with sparkle and lux, fuzzy textures.

"I recommend gold for your home decor," says Lang. "Really make your space shine with a dramatic flair. Metallics work well for Leo 4th house people, and another idea to consider would be incorporating animal prints into your decor or having a faux fur throw on your sofa."


Lang suggests that Virgo 4th house people make their space sleek and clean. While you appreciate simple, elegant decor, what matters most is that your home is orderly.

"For those with Virgo on the 4th house cusp, organization is a priority. A trip to the Container Store could be dangerous," Lang says. "I recommend creating a multifunctional space that you can use as an office space for the times when you’re working more from home. Turn a closet into a desk space, or add a statement-piece desk with an organization system."


Beauty and balance are the cornerstones to rely on here. "The sign of Libra is the sign of partnership," says Lang. "In choosing art, go for paintings and sculptures that feature things in pairs or multiples of two. Stay away from images with either one person or three, since things in threes are considered challenging for relationships in feng shui. Avoid three mirrors hanging side by side or triptychs."

Lang also recommends you stay clear of pictures of just one person, unless there's a particular significance to attached (like, say, a beloved family member).


Leaning on Scorpio's love of mysticism, you likely see your home as a highly sacred space where the magic happens.

"I recommend creating an intentional meditation space with an altar, meditation cushions, candles, and silk cloths," says Lang. "Silk is a high-vibrational fabric. It can be a protective barrier between you and other things in your environment. You could use it to cover your altar or meditation cushion to add to the sacredness of your space."


"For you, outdoor space is as important as indoor," Lang says. "Even if you live in a condo or apartment, it’s helpful to have a space in which you can enjoy being outside for nurturing a sense of home. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and adding fire elements would support the foundation of your 4th house so you can grow in all areas of your life."

Consider adding a beautiful, sculptural fire bowl to your outdoor space, for cool summer nights when you really need the fresh air.


Capricorn is associated with keeping tradition and honoring the past, which is why your home decor will probably benefit from going vintage. This means collecting old photos of your grandparents or trolling Etsy for antique finds.

"Antique tapestries, furniture, or fixtures will add elegance to your space and a touch of history," Lang says. "Be careful to not have your space look like a museum, though. Layer old and new items in your space. It’s a bonus if your antiques have a special meaning for you because that will enhance the energetics of the space."

Whether you inherit or buy these materials, Lang recommends you make sure you clear them with sage to dissolve any energies of the previous owners. Do a ceremony in which you burn sage and smudge the item, bless it, clear the energy of the previous owner, and claim it as yours."


Aquarius is the sign of energetic connections between others, as well as a socially responsible humanitarian sign. And as Lang points out, anyone with Aquarius in the 4th house knows those connections transcend human relationships.

"We feel them with our pets, plants, and all living things in our environment," says Lang. "I recommend adding a living wall to a space in your home. This decorative element would help you feel connected to nature. It would benefit the environment and clear the air, contributing to the overall ecosystem of the home."


Like Cancer, relying on Pisces water element will help you feel really nurtured and safe. And hey, you might actually be able to get some quarantine company.

"I find an aquarium or even a goldfish bowl helpful," says Lang. "If keeping things alive isn’t your thing, then add a water element in a different way. Decorate with shades of blue or incorporate a water fountain in your living space."

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