5 Easy Ways to Detox After Thanksgiving

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Reach for this instead of coffee. (Photo: sunnywithachanceofsprinkles.com)

Ah, the Thanksgiving feast, where the number of dishes—and your family's ability to sneak butter and cream into every dish—reinforce the themes of abundance and gratitude.

But it doesn't mean you have to go on a ten-day juice cleanse.

Jessica Sepel, nutritionist and author of The Clean Life: Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food, Your Body and Your Mind, shares five smart detox tips that are super easy to do—anywhere. Yes, even at your parents' place.

"Our holiday habits–overeating, excess sugar, alcohol, and less rest–can impede the body’s ability to detox naturally. The liver is the master of detoxification, but it becomes sluggish when we abuse it," says Jessica Sepel.

This easy detox—with tips like dry body brushing and 20 minutes of yoga—will help lift your energy and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Just in time for another approaching holiday...

(Photo: Jessica Sepel)

1. Lemon water. You might be tired (or even a little hungover...), but your morning latte is not the answer.

"When you wake up, don’t immediately reach for coffee. Instead, have warm water with lemon," says Sepel. "The lemon kick starts digestion (and your metabolism) and helps flush the liver."

2. Green juice. After guzzling down your lemon water, follow it up with a fresh green juice, Sepel says.

"This infuses your system with a direct hit of vitamins and nutrients." If you don't have your usual kitchen accoutrements (AKA your NutriBullet) because you're away for the holiday, "try to find a juice bar that cold presses with organic ingredients," Sepel says.

3. Use a body brush. Not only does it help exfoliate your skin, but it encourages the detoxification process, too, she says. "Help detox your lymphatic system and improve circulation by enjoying luxurious dry body brushing before you shower." Didn't pack your brush? Salts scrubs can help, too. Here's a detoxifying DIY body scrub recipe.

4. Practice yoga and meditation. "Just 20 minutes a day connects you with your mind and body. Remember, a physical cleanse and emotional cleanse go hand in hand," Sepel says. It’s important to free the mind from toxic thoughts, too." Stream one from Dirty Yoga (don't worry, it's PG-13) or MyYogaWorks.

5. Cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Yes, this is quite a list. But if lemon water and body brushing aren't cutting it for you, consider the elimination-diet route, where you give your body a break from pumpkin pie and friends for a spell. "All of these ingredients—and Thanksgiving favorites—can create a toxic buildup," explains Sepel. Try cutting them from your diet for five to seven days after the holiday to reboot your system, she says. —Molly Gallagher

For more information, visit www.jessicasepel.com and check out The Clean Life: Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food, Your Body and Your Mind



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