5 Genius Ways a Makeup Artist Uses Concealer

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Chances are, you've relied on your makeup bag's unsung hero (AKA concealer) to cover up dark circles or banish a zit that somehow popped up while you were kickin' it in dreamland, but you may not know that it has some other seriously impressive hidden talents just waiting to be discovered.

I caught up with Jessa Blades, natural beauty expert and makeup artist, who here, shares five fresh ways to use concealer (for just about everything). That means there's no need to schlep around a gaping-at-the-seams makeup bag, with tons of one-use products ever again. Or you can use it to skip foundation altogether—that's a major win for minimalism!

Keep scrolling for the secret weapon ways Blades uses concealer.

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As an eyeshadow primer

Thanks to some seriously lust-worthy new formulations, bold eye shadow is officially coming to your routine. To get the most vibrant color possible, use concealer as a primer to even out your skin tone and neutralize any blue undertones from blood vessels. Blades suggests applying concealer all over your lid with a finger or brush, then blending and setting it with a tiny bit of loose powder before applying your shadow. Runway-ready eyes, you're up.

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To define your brows

Concealer is the key to achieving well-defined brows. "You can use it to emphasize that underneath line that most people forget about," says Blades. She suggests filling in arches with a brow pencil using small strokes and then defining the brow bone by dabbing concealer on underneath the hairline, which helps create a nice, clean arch.

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In place of foundation

Putting on a full face of makeup in the spin class bathroom after an extra-sweaty class can be a daunting task, so consider your concealer a one-trick pony to get the job done. Blades suggests finding a hue that matches your skin tone directly (rather than one that’s a shade lighter, which is what you would use to cover a blemish when applying foundation on top). Then, tap it on with a fluffy eyeshadow brush anywhere that needs it—around your nose, on your chin, under your eyes or on top of any redness. After letting it sit for a minute or two, gently buff the edges with a sponge (the wait time helps you to avoid pulling off excess product)—then you're on your way.

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To change up your lip color

The perfect nude lipstick is achievable with just a dab of concealer. Apply it prior to your lipstick to neutralize your lip color, and enhance any neutral shade. Or, use it as a lipstick primer to extend the life of your other shades. "You can put it on before a red lipstick or mix it [with red] to create a pink," says Blades.

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As an eraser

When you're faced with a blush-gone-wrong sitch, forget the makeup remover wipes and reach for your concealer, instead. "Just use a tiny bit of concealer and stipple it with a brush or a clean finger," says Blades. If you need your "eraser" to have a little bit more moisture, try mixing it with some clear lip balm, and you'll have yourself an IRL version of the "Edit + Undo" button.

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