5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jillian Michaels

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You've heard America's fave female trainer talk about fitness and healthy eating—but you probably haven't heard her dish about her farm, iPhone, or handbag.

Jillian Michaels
(Photo: Facebook/Jillian Michaels)

When Jillian Michaels says something…people tend to listen. Like how to keep your workout motivation from waning and when to slow down if you're worried you really can't run one more second on the treadmill (answer: almost never).

So we were leaning in to hear every word when catching up with Michaels, who's been busy launching her fitness fashion line at Kmart and a workout series at Curves, when she revealed all this other really cool stuff. Like why she thinks bottled water is unnecessary, what she always keeps in her handbag, and why her phone obsession is not such a bad thing. Here's the surprising stuff the country's most famous trainer shared. —Molly Gallagher

1. What are some snacks you always have on hand? I like to keep beef jerky on me. We invested in a company called Krave. It’s lean protein, low in calories, chemical-free, and preservative-free. I actually have that in my bag right now. Sometimes, I keep a snack bar on me. I like the brand 22 Days, they’re, clean, natural, USDA certified organic, made with hemp protein, and don’t have any soy garbage.

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2. Do you keep water on you? Bottled water is unnecessary. In truth, tap water is totally regulated and just as good for you. I put filtered tap in a Nalgene and carry that. Truth to that!

3. That's a great idea. What’s your daily workout like? For me, it’s very much about the techniques that I incorporate into modalities. I could be doing an MMA class, a spin class, or a yoga class, but I’m always incorporating different modalities, dynamic training, HIIT, and dumbbells, for example. Some days I work on flexibility, some days I work on speed. For my program at Curves, I make sure the workouts change, that way a person can go on a consistent basis and never fully adapt or plateau. I really do try to keep my regimen well-rounded, so that I’m training my body in the most holistic way.

4. So, what's something you do everyday to take care of yourself and keep peace of mind? I love animals and I love my kids. We recently bought a farm in California and I’ve found I’ve become a bit of a farmer. I feed the birds, the chickens, and the horses, it’s very soothing for me. I feel like I’m communicating with nature. I also play with my kids every day. When you’re playing with your kids, you never have time obsess about minutia.

5. That's great advice. Do you have a designated time when you don’t check email? I’m bad. I’m always on email or my phone. I make sure I always have my phone in case something happens with my kids or I'm checking email because of work. With work, I’m intense about that. I have a company that I run with my business partner. We have 25 employees and there’s a lot of responsibility. I love what I do, and, if anything, it’s a labor of love. It’s not a burden to stay plugged in.

For more information, visit www.jillianmichaels.com

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