6 Best Hair Styles for Working Out

Workout hair styles
Photo: Jade Munson for Splits59

We've been seeing a lot of good hair days at the gym.

So we polled Well+Good readers on Facebook and Twitter for how you like to wear your hair during a workout or a yoga class—practical? pretty? Sparkly Souled?

Which are the standbys for your strands?

Here are the six hairstyles that rule the spinning, yoga, and HIIT studios right now...


How we love them for workouts—they're easy, chic, and sprint-proof. Though they can also become your own riding crop, whipping you on to run faster...

The classic ponytail

This one's high up toward the crown to keep it away from the sweat on the back of the neck. Cute headband optional. Ditto the fancier elastics like this one we stared at like a magpie throughout a recent barre class.

SLT fitness studio Natalie Uhling top knot

No-nonsense top knot

This look (shot at SLT) became legit as a hair style thanks to hard-core workouts and women needing to keep their hands-free. With all your hair twisted into a top knot and secured with an elastic or Twistband (wow, have they become a big deal), you don't have to put your kettlebell down to brush your bangs out of your face or take your hands off the Megaformer.

pin curl

Pin curls

This look is old school yet genius. Bobby pins hold a circular twist of hair in place, protect it from sweat and dampness, and make hair look amazing post workout. The steam and heat of some studios even seems to help give bounce and body to finer hair. While basic black bobby pins do the trick, these colorful ones would add a little something something.

headband at the gym

Headband with a braid or ponytail

Studios are now filled with women rocking cute headbands. Whether sparkly, braided, or double-banded, or triple-banded, super functional headbands are having a fashion moment. And because they max out at about $12, they're typically the least expensive item in your gym bag.

Mary Helen Bowers ballet beautiful bun
Photo: Mary Helen Bowers

High buns

They originated in studios dedicated to ballet but have since hit them all. The simple style offers serious sweat protection and a bit of pulled-together poise during a workout. And when pinned into place (instead of held with an elastic), a bun doesn't leave your hair dented when you take it down.

Here's how to make sure your skin doesn't get a workout at the gym, and get out the door with a faster, better 1-minute makeup routine. Have zero hair styling skills? There's always 9 ways to wear the half bun.

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