6 Chic Helmets New York Cyclists Love

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What the city's most stylish and influential female bike commuters wear to protect their pretty heads. (Ideal for Citi Bike users!)

Kask Urban LifestyleThe long-awaited launch of Citi Bike has spurred lots of excitement, and also controversies. Among them is the accusation that many riders, a large number of whom are new to pedaling the city's streets, are doing so without helmets.

To this we say: Really?! It may not be the law for adults in the city, and it may be inconvenient to tote one, but it's just plain stupid to go without in a city where you're sharing lanes with zooming cabs, iPhone-focused pedestrians, and so many more potential obstacles.

Experienced cyclists, of course, know this. So we reached out to some of the city's coolest, chicest, most-influential female bike commuters to find out what they wear to protect their pretty heads.

Here are six helmets that these New York cyclists love and that you can wear on your Citi Bike. —Lisa Elaine Held


Berns Lenox HelmetMariana Chambers
Founder, GiveLoveCycle

I love the Bern helmets because they are sleek, light, and use the latest technology to ensure that the right parts of your head are protected. They come in an array of colors and finishes—I alternate between the Lenox ($64.99) in matte black with a pink rim (pictured) and the Berkeley ($79.99) in shiny white with removable rim.


Kask Urban Lifestyle HelmetTanya Quick
Founder, Language Dept.

I love my Kask Urban Lifestyle ($249.95) helmet. Mine is black without the script writing. [But this photo gives you an idea of the chicness.] I love it because the flip-down visor means I can ride unfettered by any weather, and the Daft Punk feel is just plain fun to wear.


Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 2.56.04 PMSusi Wunsch
Founder, Velojoy.com

The Lazer Cityzen ($57) in black is one of my favorites—it reminds me of an equestrian helmet. Its classic good looks go with everything. It's also super-light and contains 16 vents that help you keep a cool head.


Transportation AlternativesCaroline Samponaro
Director of Bicycle Advocacy, Transportation Alternatives

My favorite helmet is my BikeNYC.org & Transportation Alternatives branded white Giro Reverb ($60) helmet. It makes me stand out and I already getting stopped by tons of Citi Bike riders asking where they can pick one up (you can buy the branded version at Sid's Bike Shop or Danny's Cycles). It's not sporty and it matches all of my outfits, too!


Giro atmosKym Perfetto
Instructor, SoulCycle

I use a Giro Atmos ($145) in Matte Black (visor removed). It's a smaller shape, super lightweight, and black goes with everything!


Bern BrentwoodAmanda Rose Walsh
Personal trainer, instructor at Uplift Studios

My favorite helmet is the Bern Brentwood ($79.99) because it feels good, looks good and protects my head without interfering with my vision.  Also, it has a removable inside piece that becomes a little visor and keeps me warm in winter. Amazing!


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