6 Colorful Rugs That’ll Brighten up Any Space

Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed

When it comes to design, decorating your floors isn't necessarily as much fun as finding the perfect couch to cozy up on or picking out yoga-inspired wall art to up the decor in your zen den. But the perfect piece—especially when it's bright, colorful, and a lot of fun—can completely change the vibes in nearly any space.

"For those who prefer a more subtle style of flooring, a rug can be the perfect non-committal way to bring new colors and textures to a room," say Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, the design team behind Consort. "Alternatively, if you’ve got a bold terracotta or tile floor, the perfect solid can tone down even the wildest patterns down from a roar to a wink.”

Here, they share their picks for floor decor in every shade, and how you can make any rug on the spectrum work in your space.

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Red rug
Photo: Consort


If you're opting for a rug in attention-grabbing red, “let the rug be the star of the show," says the Consort team, "And go neutral around it." They love the look of a bright red with a light, powdery blue, but warn against going too deep with the cooler tone (as in: navy) unless you're aiming for an Americana-themed look. Try Tiger Red and Black Rug by Nordic Knots.

Yellow rug
Photo: West Elm


When it comes to choosing a yellow rug, stick with something more "mustard" than "sunshine," because according to the designers it "reads as more sophisticated in rooms when it's not so bright." Mixing in other neutral colors, like the white and navy seen here, can also be an easy way to neutralize an otherwise overwhelming shade. Try West Elm Andalusia Wool Dhurrie.

Green rug
Photo: Mark Phillips


“Green is such a fun color, but we love to lean into preppy vibes when we’re playing with this in a design space," say the designers. They suggest embracing your inner country clubber and pairing it with a pink chair or navy throw pillows, a la a Lilly Pulitzer pattern. Try Marc Phillips Swedish Rug.

Blue rug
Photo: Target


“The great thing about the color blue is that it’s neutral and goes with just about anything," says the Consort team. "Don’t be afraid to pair things with a blue rug, trust your instincts and let your freak flag fly.” Mix, match, and go crazy to create a room that really feels like your own. Try the Gerry Rug.

Black floor rug
Photo: Urban Outfitters


When it comes to decorating with a black rug, "contrast" is the key word, as it's important to "make sure your furnishings really stand out." If white isn't really your thing (AKA if you have kids, dogs or a clumsy hand with red wine) try muted shades of your favorite colors for a little bit of #pop. Try Urban Outfitters Connected Stripe Rag Rug.

White rug
Photo: Anthropologie


If you're willing to go all-out with a light colored rug, you clearly aren't afraid of wine stains or mud tracks, so "embrace it," say Sanders and Quattrone. "Build a palette off of the rug that feels airy and fresh. Incorporate upholstery in other light tones alongside rustic wood for a casual, organic vibe.” Wabi Sabi, here you come. Try the Anthropologie Hand-Knotted Talia Rug.

If you can't quite decide which rug is right for you and your space, take this quiz to find out what your wellness home decor style looks like, then pick up one of these art-y throw blankets for your most inspired space yet. 

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