6 Unmistakable Signs of an Introvert

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You probably know whether you're an introvert or an extrovert—maybe even if you're an INFJ or ESTP—but it's tougher to detect the personality type of your coworker or even your BFF. Things become increasingly difficult in the fall and winter months when everyone's stay-in-and-hygge lifestyle gives the impression that we're a society full of recluses.

Although time restraints (and general rules of social decorum) prevent you from presenting a Myers-Briggs test to anyone with whom you cross paths, you can learn to spot and understand some of the most telltale signs of an introverted personality.

Scroll below to see 6 signs of an introvert.


1. Their ideal weekend plans involve staying in and hygge-ing it up.

Know someone's who dream weekend involves leaving their dreamy, stress-free bedroom minimally?


2. They need tons of alone time—full of DIY masks and meditation—to recover from social outings.

When they do venture out to socialize, immediately upon return, they revert into recovery mode, which usually involves some very serious self-care, à la Jennifer Aniston's routine of masks and carbs.


3. Speaking of which, not only are social situations exhausting, but they also tend to feel pretty awkward.

Anything involving more than a couple of people is a recipe for low-talking, mumbling, and hilariously awkward encounters.


4. They make tons of plans knowing full well they're going to cancel them (even if it's a date at a trendy new matcha joint).

Always have a plan B if you're scheduling a night out with an introvert.


5. And when they do work up the energy to strut their stuff on the town, they’re not interested in doing so alone.

It's the buddy system or bust.


6. They’re always secretly relieved when you cancel on them.

You know that feeling of euphoria and relief when you're not actually feeling those plans that you made months ago and now the other person has done the hard work of canceling for you? Yeah, that's how introverts feel most of the time.

Make the most out of shut in season with a guided journal or by getting obsessed with a new podcast.

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