The Best Free 10-Minute Online Workouts

free online workoutsWorking out at home is a killer way to save time and money, not to mention avoid going outside when the weather is... well, you know, the way it is.

And good news: Not only can you avoid delayed subways or traffic, you can get an effective workout in in less time than it takes to blow-dry your hair.

Workouts that clock in at 10 minutes or less are super popular right now, thanks to a growing body of research that suggests working as hard as you possibly can for just a few minutes can lead to similar benefits—like increased fat burn and aerobic endurance—as longer, steady sweat sessions.

Ready to squeeze in some squats before breakfast? We scoured the internet for the best super-short workout videos from smart, star trainers and hot fitness brands, like Jillian Michaels, Anna Kaiser, and Barre3. All involve intensity—whether they target specific muscle groups like your abs or glutes or rock your whole body, head to toe.

The best part? They're all completely free.

Try one on an extra busy day when getting to the gym is just plain impossible, or stitch a few together for an even more butt-kicking routine. Just be sure to wipe down your living room floor before your dinner guests arrive. —Jamie McKillop


Barre3 Total Body in 10 with Sadie Lincoln

The inspiring founder of top national barre brand Barre3 demonstrates how to tone your whole body quickly, using weights and a chair.

WaveShape Total Body Power Workout with Adam Rosante

Motivational master Adam Rosante, creator of WaveShape and the The People's Bootcamp, will have you winded within a minute of his total-body strength and endurance session, which is meant to prep you for battling surf waves, or, you know, life.

10 Minute Ab-Sculpting Workout with Cassey Ho

Blogilates founder Cassey Ho is a Pilates internet sensation, and you'll see how her fresh, energetic style really makes you sweat during this abs routine that's anything but boring.

Full Body 10 Minute HIIT Workout with Astrid McGuire

Astrid McGuire, a badass fitness model and Barry's Bootcamp master instructor, shows you how to get your cardio and strength training done in 10 minutes, no treadmill required, with this high-intensity interval workout via Popsugar.

CosmoBody Butt Workout with Jennifer Johnson

CosmoBody's longer workouts involve a membership fee, but no log-in or equipment is required for this dance-inspired, tush-toning workout with powerhouse Jennifer "JJ Dancer" Johnson, from CosmoBody.

No More Trouble Zones Workout with Jillian Michaels

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels is the queen of online workouts. In this video from Lionsgate's BeFit, she coaches you through a total-body sculpting sequence that targets tough-to-tone muscles.

Inner Thigh Workout with Anna Kaiser

Dance cardio queen Anna Kaiser of AKT In Motion created this quick workout for Into The Gloss that targets the inner thighs (and your sweat glands all over). Take a couple bonus minutes to stretch before jumping into the shower or your day.

(Top Photo: Anna Kaiser via Into The Gloss)

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