7 Wellness Experts Remember Louise Hay, Self-Help Pioneer

If self-care is always at the top of your list of priorities, you can probably thank Louise Hay for that. The woman behind the wellness bible You Can Heal Your Life peacefully passed away yesterday of natural causes at 90 years old.

Hay was a pioneer of the self-help movement, starting discussions about the mind-body connection before it was even a hot topic. Millions of people have learned to see the world in a new light through her healing techniques and positive outlook on life—her influence will never be forgotten.

According to her Facebook page, Hay passed while surrounded by loved ones—but her family extends far beyond biological ties. Many big-name fans in the wellness space shared condolences that outline just how much Hay meant to them and impacted their careers.

Here's what 7 influential experts said about the wellness revolutionary.

1. Gabby Bernstein, self-help phenom

2. Latham Thomas, Mama Glow founder

"I first met Louise in 2011 when I was a newly-signed Hay House author. I had the pleasure of speaking at a few of the Hay House conferences and her blessing over my books. She and I bonded over jewelry and I loved her energy. As I launch my second book under Hay House this September, I'm reminded of the love and support and her belief in me. I'm thankful for her imprint on my career path and for her lessons that helped shape my mindfulness journey."

3. Mastin Kipp, self-help author

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It is with a heavy (and grateful) heart that I am sharing with you about the passing of my dear friend, mentor and publisher Louise Hay transitioned peacefully today into her next adventure. Her friends called her Lulu. Louise's impact on the world is truly immeasurable. She is a pioneer in the field of self-help, personal growth and human potential. Before Lulu, there was no "self-help" section in the book store. Before Lulu, we didn't know what loving ourselves meant. Before Lulu, we didn't know that we could heal our lives. Before Lulu, there was no Hay House and no major movement towards raising consciousness globally. As fate would have it (and I can't imagine this is a "coincidence") Lulu transitioned two years to the day that our beloved Dr. Wayne W. Dyer transitioned. Given how both of these two scurvvy elephants lived their lives, I see great meaning in this date. Louise changed my life. One day in 2012 I gave a talk in Los Angeles at the Agape Center. I came into the green room and I saw Louise Hay there. I got so nervous. I was freaking out. I went to the event producer and asked if they could introduce me to Louise (which was always a dream of mine). They took me over, and without having to introduce myself, Louise said in her ever so soft and comforting voice, "Hello Mastin". I couldn't believe she knew my name. I said hello and asked her why she was at this event in LA. She replied back, "To see you and to meet Jenna." I was dumfounded. How is this possible? Louise told me she was a subscriber to The Daily Love and she came up to see me speak. It was one of the most amazing and miraculous moments of my life. And, the most nerve racking talk I ever gave. After the event, Louise invited me to a Hay House I Can Do It event in San Jose to hang out. I took her up on her invitation. And, when I was at the event, she introduced me to Patty Gift, who ended up signing me to the Hay House Publishing company and publishing my first book as well as my next book, Claim Your Power. It was a full circle moment. (Continued below)

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4. Melisse Gelula, Well+Good co-founder, chief content officer

"Louise was a forward-thinking publisher who saw our current spirit-junkie awakening and green-juice lifestyle coming decades ago."

5. Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips author

6. Karen Berg, The Kabbalah Centre spiritual director

7. Christiane Northrup, MD, women's health rockstar

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