7 Healing Crystals for Modern Ailments and How to Use Them

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Sure, naturally occurring gemstones (AKA crystals) make amazing of-the-moment jewelry. But many people believe they have serious healing properties that can help with all-too-common issues like headaches and insomnia to a broken heart—you just have to know which ones to choose.

At Spellbound Sky in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, owners Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano have made a business out of prescribing and selling crystals to clients based on their concerns, and it all happens in a cool, boutique way. That probably comes from their previous lives as fashion designers (Anguiano was design director at Guess), who first educated themselves in crystal therapy "through books and workshops"—then got hooked on them. Now their store, which opened in fall 2011, and its Wednesday night guided crystal meditations has become a, well, touchstone for modern metaphysical Angelenos.

"We cater to people who celebrate creativity and individuality like we do," says Phillips (not dishing on the bold face names that frequent the store), "but who also want to take their spiritual path to the next level."

Spellbound Sky
Spellbound Sky in Silver Lake. (Photo: Facebook/Spellbound Sky)

The duo say gemstones are healing because they emit a specific frequency that correlates to your chakras (or the energy centers in the body). To access their healing vibes, they say you should keep the gemstones near you, like in your pocket or handbag, or, even better, hold them or place them on your body during meditation (or a nap).

"We get positive client testimonials on the daily and are always in awe of all the inspiring stories we hear," says Phillips, about how they help and heal.

Which is why it almost doesn't matter to the duo that gemstones aren't exactly verified by scientific research. If you've got something going on that could use a little positive energy, check out their advice, below, for a spiritual crystal-love fix.

Healing vibes: An assortment including polychrome jasper, pyrite, rose quartz, carnelian black, tourmaline, amazonite, and celestine crystals (Photo: Spellbound Sky)

1. Stress."We love green calcite and lepidolite for stress, both work great to get you into a more chill vibe and let you know that you can move forward from a stressed state-of-mind," Phillips says. Seems like a good one to keep on your desk.

2. Fatigue. "Most jaspers work well for physical vitality, along with copper, which is a great energy conductor," Anguiano advises. Try ordering those at Starbucks.

3. Insomnia."We believe that scolecite works best, you can hold it when you go to bed or place it under your pillow," Phillips explains. Think of it like a cup of chamomile tea.

4. Back pain. "Quartz crystal is commonly used, and we love bloodstone as a general purpose stone for physical healing," recommends Anguiano.

5. Headache. Another one to keep on your desk."Fluorite is good for a headache, it also works for mental clarity and focus," says Anguiano.

6. The blues. "Lithium quartz works best, and perhaps a optimistic stone such as peacock ore," Phillips says.

7. Jet Lag. "We'd suggest fluorite for mental clarity, yellow jasper for vitality, and a little pink calcite to connect to the energy of gratitude for having a lifestyle that includes flying," Phillips advises. Sorry, we can't tell you what the TSA will make of crystals in your pockets.

Simple lose stones can cost as little as $2 and go up to several thousand dollars if the piece is rare, large, or designed into a piece of jewelry.

Spellbound Sky, 1033 Myra Ave., Silver Lake, 90029, www.spellboundsky.com

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