7 Seriously Discounted Housewares to Snag From Wayfair’s 24-Hour Blowout Sale *Now*

Photo: Stocksy/Visualspectrum
Deciding you want to transform your home-decor style from Marie Kondo minimalist to Wabi-Sabi or mindful but eclectic is not an easy task, especially if you want the redesign to have a minimal impact on your wallet. If you're strategic about when and how you make your home purchases, however, you can save yourself financial pain and grief. And Wayfair is making that process way easier by throwing a 24-hour online blowout sale.

Wayfair's money-saving Way Day—AKA its version of Amazon's Prime Day—is today. At midnight, the brand rolled out more than 70,000 majorly discounted products that are up to 80 percent off. Since scrolling through all of them might give you a major headache, I've picked the seven sale items you should nab ASAP.

Check out 7 discounted home-decor items from Wayfair below.

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