This Quickie 7-Minute Arm Workout Offers Plenty of Bang for Your Buck

The arm series trainer Liv McIlkenny shares in the latest episode of Good Moves is definitely worth seven minutes of your time. "You can do it anywhere, anytime," she says. "All you need is a couple weights, or water bottles, or wine bottles depending on the day of the week. We're going to get a nice sweat in."

And sweat you will. Just because the 7-minute arm workout is quick doesn't mean it's easy—not by a long shot. You don't get a single break, as each exercise flows into the next. Everything starts out slow and simple—hello, bicep and hammer curls!—but things quickly pick up. By the time you start doing the exercises in double-time (along with the addition of pulses that don't allow you to lower your arms for even a second!) you'll really be feeling the burn.

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Luckily, you can count on McIlkenny's infectious energy to get you through every single exercise, including the surprise round of punches at the end that'll leave you breathless. Before you know it, those 7 minutes will be up... and you may or may not be able to use your arms for the next few hours. "You can do this at the beginning of a workout, at the end of a workout, in the middle of the day," she says. "I know we're all working from home, so it's nice to get a little sweat in in the middle of the day." Press play on the 7-minute arm workout above to follow along.

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