7 Thoughts Healthy People Have While Grocery Shopping

Photo: Stocksy/Katie Daigneault

Learning how to grocery shop seems like it should be instinctual, but IRL, it actually takes some prepping, planning and learning. (It's just not possible to buy produce for the entire month.)

If you've ever found yourself meandering around your local Trader Joe's contemplating how many avocado-based products is enough (answer: the limit does not exist!) or wondering if bicep curling your grocery bags counts as a workout, you're not alone.

There's something about the potential promise of free samples of The Coconut Cult yogurt that brings out some highly relatable and hilarious thoughts.

Here are some of the things you've probably thought during your grocery run.


1. Should I be buying grass-fed butter, coconut oil, or ghee?

Is butter back on the table now that coconut oil is being questioned? Maybe ghee is the happy medium.


2. Wait—avocados are how much!?!

Amazon's Whole Foods is seriously cheaper.


3. Why is this kombucha in the alcohol aisle?

Is all kombucha alcoholic? This changes everything...Oh wait, whew, there's the "non-alcoholic" kombucha. Crisis averted.


4. Did they just ask me if I want to try a sample of pumpkin spice granola?

Do these sample-givers have shift changes, or can I just shamelessly take three more...?


5. Ummm…where is the Passionfruit LaCroix?

Maybe it's more popular than I thought...Tangerine LaCroix it is!


6. Are there too many matcha products in my cart? No, no, of course not.

Matcha tea, matcha ice cream, matcha face mask. You can never really have too much matcha.


7. And that's everything on my list!

Despite the cauliflower rice shortage, I still snagged two bags.

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