8 All-Natural Candles to Gift (or Burn) for the Holidays

Coconut CandlesCandles are the quintessential gift, starting with your Hanukkah party hostess and extending to your office Secret Santa pool. Because, I mean, who doesn't like candles?

Especially if it's an all-natural one, made with soy or vegetable waxes. (A cheap candle that emits a cloying, chemical fragrance doesn't quite convey "I like you.")

Here are eight non-toxic candles to gift this season that burn natural scents like fir and grapefruit to red cedar and even kale. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Prosperity Candle)


Alex And AniAlex and Ani Path of Life Candle, $28

With soft hints of vanilla tonka beans, zesty lime, and warm nutmeg, wellness jewelry brand Alex and Ani's Path of Life Candle also features a natural wood wick so you get a delightful crackling sound while the candle is burning.

(Photo: Alex and Ani)


Barr Co CandleBarr-Co. Fir and Grapefruit Apothecary Jar Candle, $36

Made in small batches with vegetable waxes, each of Barr-Co.'s candles are signed by its artisan. This one combines juicy grapefruit with fresh woodsy fir for a uniquely energizing and soothing scent.

(Photo: Barr-Co.)


Board and BattenBoard and Batten Hand Poured Soy Candle, $18

All-natural beauty brand Board and Batten's candles, in Rosemary Sage, Citrus Thyme, Lavender, and Cypress Moss, use 100 percent pure essential oils, and are hand poured into sweet little jars.

(Photo: Board and Batten)


Izola CandleIzola Red Cedar Candle, $35

These vegetable wax candles in recycled glass come in cool, modern fragrances like earthy red cedar, which the website says "a man won't mind." But you could just as easily find it burning in your favorite chic clothing boutique—or on a holiday table.

(Photo: Izola)


sage_candleLite+Cycle Sage Candle, $45

Just like you're supposed to burn sage when moving into a new space to purify it, Lite+Cycle's Sage Candle promises to release stagnate energy and inspire newness. It's a limited edition item for the New Year. But the adorable, biodegradable packaging makes it great to gift now.

(Photo: Lite+Cycle)


Kale CandleProduce Kale Candle, $25

The perfect candle for your kitchen, Produce's Kale Candle has tender notes of crisp green. Should you prefer to keep kale to your salads, Produce also makes beet, carrot, cilantro, and other candle varieties. And unlike the holiday dinner you might be whipping up this week, these "veggies" are totally okay to burn.

(Photo: Produce Candles)


Coconut-shell-Prosperity-CandleProsperity Candle Coco Shine Citrine Candle, $45

You're looking at a candle in a coconut, hand poured by female refugees who are building a future for their families by selling the Prosperity Candles. A photo and bio of the woman who made it comes with each one.

(Photo: Prosperity Candle)


Tatine CandleTatine Forest Floor Candle, $38

Miss the smell of spring or the clean forest floor on a hike? This hand-made candle, from a really cool Chicago brand, evokes "wet dirt mingled with rain soaked ferns, damp wood, stems, and green leaves." It's the candle you want to burn indoors when it's too cold to go outside.

(Photo: Tatine)


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