8 Hot Springs That Are Equal Parts Dreamy and Rejuvenating

If your plans of traveling to a total eclipse city have been, well, eclipsed by the sky-high increase in flights costs, don't worry—there are plenty of wild natural wellness wonders to check off your bucket list.

As you take in the volcanic backdrops and rain forest views, you can also reap health benefits.

Rather than lusting over dreamy photos of the steamy natural pools; pack your bags and get to one. Plenty of geothermal hot-spring destinations are just a quick flight—or, even better, drive—away. Plus, as you take in the volcanic backdrops and rainforest views, you may even score some health benefits courtesy from the storied waters, like soothing aching muscles and skin rejuvenation. Maybe the idea of a fountain of youth isn't so mythical after all.

Check out 8 beautiful hot springs that will wash all your worries away.

1. Blue Lagoon

Location: Grindavík, Iceland

With bright blue water and lush greenery, Blue Lagoon is one of the most well-known hot springs in the world, and for obvious reasons. Just look at it. The silica in the water—combined with the way it reflects sunlight—makes for the pretty hue that may leave you speechless.

2. Thermae Bath Spa

Location: Bath, England

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To bathe like royalty, visit England's only natural hot spring. It's been around ever since the water fell as rain more than 10,000 years ago, and there's one healthy effect you can count on: The mineral-filled water will leave you feeling totally relaxed.

3. Dunton Hot Springs

Location: Dolores, Colorado

Want to get your soak on in the middle in a reclusive respite? Head to Dunton Hot Springs in the mountains of southwestern Colorado where you can enjoy the water outside, under the stars, and inside, in a restored 19th-century bathroom.

4. Puritama Hot Springs

Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

If you visit Puritama, you'll have eight thermal pools to choose from—all in the middle of the driest non-polar desert in the world, with an elevation of nearly 11,500 feet. Since the area is so dry, the minerals in the water are said to be especially healing, giving your digestive and circulatory systems a boost and making your skin extra soft and vibrant.

5. Pai Hot Springs

Location: Pai, Thailand

Anyone who wants a secluded soak in the middle of nature will love the clear waters of Pai Hot Springs. It's not quite as warm as many other locales, but it'll soothe your soul all the same.

6. Pantelleria Hot Springs

Location: Pantelleria, Italy

Located on a volcanic island in the Mediterranean Sea are many natural hot springs perfectly tucked away in secret coves and cliffs. For the easiest-to-reach places to take a healthy dip, try the harbor at Gadir, in which Giorgio Armani loves to relax.

7. Pamukkale Hot Springs

Location: Denizli, Turkey

Pamukkale's Turkish pools are nestled in swoon-worthy white travertine terraces that are full of the most stunning blue-hued water. They're set up like steps, and you can bounce from one to the other until you find one you like.

8. Palea Kameni Hot Springs

Location: Santorini, Greece

One of the most explosively popular thermal bathing areas in Greece is on the island of Palea Kameni—it was formed through volcanic eruptions. The only way to access it is by swimming from a boat, but few things worth doing are super simple, right? Bonus: You might get a gratis mud bath in the process.

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