Fall’s Biggest Jewelry Trend Is All About That Big Chain Energy

Photo: Stocksy/Guille Faingold
For what seems like an eternity (okay, just the past several seasons), the predominant accessories trend has been tiny and delicate, barely-there pieces of jewelry. As a maximalist, this offends my senses—I like jewelry that is reminiscent of Maddona in the '80s, Run DMC in the '80s, Versace in the '80s—anything in the '80s really.

Thankfully, the decade's been garnering favor and forcing the '90s to share the nostalgia-laden spotlight as of late. So far this has meant the return of scrunchies, leisure suits, and when it comes to jewelry, it's now all about the big chain energy i.e. statement pieces made from chunky linked chains.

Granted, chainlink jewelry wasn't invented in the '80s. It's pretty much been around since antiquity—the first necklaces made of gold links ever discovered date back to Mesopotamia in 2500 B.C. And over the ensuing centuries, their symbolism's swayed between signs of eternal love and connection and oppression and tyranny. In other words, they evoke a range of emotions in people, which could explain why *so* many designers seem to be inspired by them right now.

Unlike those dainty pieces you never have to take off—even at the gym. You won't be able to get through a yoga class wearing a chainlink necklace the size of a collar, so better to leave it in the locker room. It will, however, pair fabulously with a vintage shoulder-padded blazer or power jumpsuit. And a word on styling—while these pieces can be layered, you'd be better off letting them shine on their own.

If you have time to spend, you can find some pretty great authentic vintage jewelry on Etsy or a thrift store. But if you'd like something that requires less sifting and rummaging, below are some key pieces I've curated.

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