How To Heat Up Your Sex Life Using Your 8th House in Astrology

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The 8th house in astrology is considered to be the zodiac wheel's underworld—or its sex dungeon, if you will. Ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, the transformational zone of our natal charts is where our darkness lives, where we can get in touch with our deepest desires, where we can experience ecstatic growth and come into our own being. The 8th house in astrology is also, as transformational astrologer Corina Crysler says, where we can look at how "sex, intimacy, and orgasms can influence our life force, deeply connecting us to the truest essence of our soul and root [energy center]."

Clearly, the 8th house in astrology can be pretty awesome, and it turns out that right now is a great time to call up on its service for improving your sex life. "Now, in a time of deep transformation with a strong influence of Pluto, it's time to reconnect to this powerful part of ourselves and transform," Crysler says.

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But before we delve deeply into tips informed by the 8th house in astrology, let's recap how astrological houses work in general. Each person's natal chart is divided into 12 segments, or houses, and each house overlaps with a specific sign or two and governs a specific area of life. Knowing what sign (or signs) is connected with your 8th house in astrology can provide you with valuable intel about your sexual needs and desires.

To find out which sign that is, enter your birth date, time, and place into this free natal chart generator. Then, look to the sidebar on the right of your chart to see which sign rules your 8th house and come back here to read what that means for your sex life.

Here's how to use your 8th house in astrology to improve your sex life, according to a transformational astrologer.

Aries 8th house

This is a passionate and physical 8th house, one that can make you an initiator in bed who's always up for trying new things. But the confidence it brings can sometimes veer into cockiness. "Pay attention to your flirty ways whether you're being selfish in your lovemaking," Crysler says. "Don’t make assumptions about what your partner wants and be open-minded to be guided."

Taurus 8th house

Ruled by the feminine energy of Venus, this 8th house has the potential to be very sensual. When it comes to sex, you need to feel connected and safe—but once you do, you're eager to let out your wild, free spirit. "Pick beautiful places to have sex in, wear what makes you feel sexy, or create a romantic setting to call in the more spiritual side of yourself," says Crysler.

Gemini 8th house

With Gemini in the 8th house, you need to focus. "This 8th house needs to connect mentally before they will emotionally, but getting their attention might be hard, as they're often distracted," says Crysler. "Dirty talk, sexting, writing about sex, or connecting after sex with pillow talk will heighten your sex life." She also recommends using a feather or some oils to get out of your head and into your body.

Cancer 8th house

"Deeply emotional and intuitive, this 8th house wants you to throw down in the vulnerability department," Crysler says. "Cuddling after and before sex might be the real fantasy." As the zodiac's moon child, you may have a hard time achieving orgasm without an emotional connection. Either way, Crysler suggests exploring different "avenues of touch" to help break down barriers with yourself or your partner(s).

Leo 8th house

Leo in the 8th house is fun and courageous—you're likely willing to put your heart into romance. Role play, dress up, or some kind of sexy performance may be a turn-on, but remember to give your partner a turn in the spotlight, too. "Be open to communicating with your partner in terms of what they want, and try to not allow your ego to get bruised if they direct you in what they want," says Crysler.

Virgo 8th house

Virgo's emblem is "the virgin," but having this sign in your 8th house doesn't mean you're destined for celibacy. You may just happen to be a natural-born perfectionist who needs permission to get a little wild. "This 8th house has to let go of overanalyzing and allow themselves to be free and messy," says Crysler.

Libra 8th house

Love, beauty, and balance define this Venus-ruled sign. While there's a certain elegance to Libra in the 8th house, your overwhelming need for next-level sexual attraction may lead to superficial connections. "Be open to trying spiritual practices that help you dive deeper into the 8th house," says Crysler. If you find yourself giving more than you're receiving, self-pleasure can help you feel more comfortable getting yours, she adds.

Scorpio 8th house

You're not going to have a boring sex life, especially if your moon or Venus is in this house. You may be someone who's constantly working on ways to evolve your sexual practice "Be kind and patient and help them feel safe, even though you probably intuitively know what they want," Crysler says.

Sagittarius 8th house

"[With] this 8thy house, you can expect a playful and adventurous sex life," says Crysler. "Toys and role playing might be fun for you." However, as an energetic fire sign you may also rush through sexy time, so be mindful of your partner and really try to enjoy the moment.

Capricorn 8th house

"Capricorns are leaders and are strong, so this can be super hot in bed when used the right way," says Crysler. On the flip side, you may have trouble being vulnerable, and you'll benefit if you learn to let some of your walls down. "Practice the art of surrendering to allow yourself to enter new heights of pleasure," says Crysler. "Look into your partner's eyes when you are making love to them."

Aquarius 8th house

Expressing yourself and maintaining individuality when it comes to love and sex, which sometimes detaches you from the emotional aspects, is most important to you. "Try spiritual practices like tantra to promote more full-body orgasms, or meditate with your partner for a deeper connection," says Crysler. "If you're bored, it won't work."

Pisces 8th house

This romance-forward 8th house is all about deep, meaningful connection—with an imaginative streak. "Play out your fantasies and be creative in this 8th house. Allow yourself to go to new heights of ecstasy by connecting to the strong water aspect of this sign," says Crysler. You can intuitively express yourself in a number of ways, which, says Crysler, is what makes you an exciting lover.

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