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9 Examples of How Negative Thinking Can Be Positive

Lisa Elaine Held

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Reciting affirmations, listening to motivational coaches—who needs the stress of trying to be happy all the time, or overly optimistic in precarious situations? Apparently, many people in attendance at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event believed so much in the power of their thinking that they ended up severely burned after attempting to walk on hot coals.

If you found and brought home an injured snake, nursed and fed it and then one day the snake bit you, would you feel betrayed? Or should you have realized that the snake was just being a snake and taken precautions?

Pessimists and skeptics have proven to be powerful driving forces for the betterment of humanity. Negative thinking has led to survival in the real world, helping us avoid danger, fight for independence, and constantly improve upon inventions. A critical eye can uncover flaws which need to be remedied. Righteous indignation has led to social reform and more humane policies.

If you repress your bad thoughts to be more upbeat, you might become anxious. According to the American Medical Association, self-suppression in a relationship/friendship can lead to cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

Recent studies also show that it is better for couples to argue than to pretend everything is just fine and show compassion. Florida State University researcher James McNulty explains that arguments, while they may cause short-term discomfort, keep a marriage on track. They are better than kind words and positive thinking because communicating what’s wrong to a spouse leads to change; otherwise it might seem like excessive spending, having an affair, or not helping around the house is acceptable behavior because the injured party doesn’t complain.

So here are 9 examples of how “negative thinking” could turn out to be positive…

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