Why This Is Going to Be Your Most Memorable (and Healthy!) Summer Yet

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Well+Good is your healthiest relationship, hooking you up with the best, most interesting things/people/leggings in wellness. And nothing gets at this concept better than the plus sign in our logo.

Inside this plus sign, which acts like a gallery window, we showcase the most exciting, transformative trends and ideas that add wellness to your life. This week on The Plus Factor, we're introducing #99DaysofSummer, our summer program, that'll basically guide you through your best beach/backyard/picnic/outdoor adventuring season ever. 

Summer is the best—but also the most ephemeral—of the seasons. From the moment temperatures drop below 50, it's the light at the end of a very long, very cold tunnel.

But then the inevitable happens: After all that waiting, summer arrives—and then, in a flash, it's over again. Suddenly it's September and you're left wishing you actually had gone on that road trip, made that tie-dye throw blanket, sipped on that crystal-infused cocktail, and all the other things you dreamed about while stuck at home mid-blizzard.

Not this year. From Memorial Day (the unofficial first day of summer) through Labor Day, Well+Good is your go-to resource for squeezing the most out of every single day of the season. It's what we're calling #99DaysofSummer.

Every week, we're giving you a game plan for making those summer #goals a reality.

Every week, we're giving you a game plan to help turn those summer #goals into a reality. From iced matcha milkshakes to crystal crowns (yes, really), we'll be offering up brilliant ideas to help you make the most of your 99 days.

Think of it as your warm-weather road map—and because time is ticking, your first week's worth of ideas is ready for you. Dive in here—and then be sure to bookmark our #99DaysofSummer page, as it will be updated with a new round of tips every Thursday.

And if you need more than just a weekly reminder, be sure to follow Well+Good on Instagram, where we'll be sharing daily inspo (and of course, we want you to document your own warm-weather adventures using the #99DaysofSummer hashtag).

Ready for your most memorable, bliss-filled summer yet? Check back every Thursday for your weekend game plan—and don't forget to pack the sunscreen.

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