The Supplements You Need to Fuel Every Type of Summer Activity

Summer is arguably the most fun time of year, when your calendar is packed with activities and everyone is a little more willing to forgo Netflix and chill in favor of outdoor adventuring.

But no matter what you have in store for your #99daysofsummer, it's smart to give your body the same amount of self care as you do when masking every night in the winter.

The easiest way to ensure you're addressing all your health and beauty needs is by starting that self care on the inside. Adding supplements to your beauty routine shifts the focus from damage control to prevention and heads off any problems at the source—so you can spend less time focusing on gut health and sun damage and more time posting beach selfies.

vitamins you should take in the summer
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Enter HUM Nutrition's targeted, beauty-boosting supplements that work from the inside out to support a clear complexion, youthful skin, and totally energized body. The buzzy brand uses only the highest-quality all-natural and non-GMO nutrients (that are backed by clinical research and results, to boot). From staycations to transatlantic voyages, the range of formulas will ensure you're your healthiest self from the first day of summer to the last—and beyond.

Scroll down for the activity-specific supplements (and other essentials!) that will power you through your healthiest summer yet.

Outdoor adventuring

From scenic hikes to beach days, one thing summer activities have in common is sunshine. Layering on the natural sunscreen is a no-brainer, but protecting your skin from sun damage and hyper-pigmentation actually starts on the inside. To wit: HUM's Turn Back Time formula packs a powerful combination of antioxidants and phytonutrients such as turmeric, green tea, and vitamin C to defend against skin-aging UV rays and pollution.

Swimming and surfing

Nothing says summer like a dip in the ocean or lounging by the pool, but that combo of chlorine, salt, and sun won't do your strands any favors. Nourish your tresses from within with vitamin E, biotin, and plant-based omega GLA from the Runway Ready Hair Repair Kit, and nix dryness after with a sunflower and rahua oil hair mask.

Pro tip: Wrap up your locks in a floral head scarf and just wade in shoulder deep when you've had enough swimming for the day. No one will want to splash a hairdo that pretty.


If your summer itinerary involves any sort of air travel you'll want your carry-on to be packed with healthy essentials. Pop a sleep-inducing melatonin with vitamin B6 to get ahead of jet lag, and slather on a hydrating mask to combat parched airplane cabins.

And don't forget to take care of your gut. Even a short flight—or just being out of your regular routine—can seriously stress out your digestive and immune systems, so keep a portable probiotic that doesn't need to be refrigerated on hand, like HUM's Gut Instinct, which delivers 25 billion probiotic organisms into each capsule.

Summer in the city

Hiding in your apartment from the infrared-sauna-level heat outside? Create your own urban oasis with soothing ocean scents and a best-selling beach read (easiest way to pretend you're in Tulum). Just make sure you're getting your necessary dose of vitamin D to keep your immune system ticking—so you don't wind up banished indoors for real (summer colds are the worst).

Added bonus: Vitamin D has also been proven to help minimize acne, boost elasticity, and stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps lessen the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and stretch marks. (Talk about a dose of the good stuff.)

Rooftop drinks and wine tastings

So you may have had one too many glasses of frosé (been there). Get back on track with HUM's 21-day cleanse, filled with detoxifying herbs and digestive enzymes to reduce bloating and get skin glowing again. Or, for more immediate attention hit up liver-detox remedy Wing Man to flush out toxins that otherwise may result in breakouts and dark under-eye circles. Press on some collagen eye pads, and you'll be feeling like a new woman in no time.

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