Your Field Guide to Healthy Summer Road Trips

What screams summer more than a carefree road trip? Driving past gorgeous scenery with the windows down is basically what warm-weather weekends were created for.

But before you hop in the car, you're going to want to make sure you have the right gear packed to avoid any mid-trip mishaps (no one likes arguing with backseat drivers).

First on the list? Snacks, of course. Made In Nature™ has you covered with certified organic and non-GMO bites for the healthy kick you need. Think kale and coconut chips, dried fruits like mangoes and dates, and tasty fruit-and-nut blends you'll want to grab by the handful. The best part is, you can also snag the flavorful eats in single-serve sizes for snacking on-the-go, and stock up at select 7-Eleven stores nationwide and other road-trip friendly spots.

road trip essentials
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But if there's any star in the lineup, it's the Figgy Pops—the perfectly portioned energy balls that will save you from resorting to a fast-food fix. With wholesome organic ingredients like dates, pepita seeds, coconut, gluten-free oats, and of course, figs, the pop-and-go treats serve up the healthy fats and fiber to keep you fueled up and ready to chase the horizon.

Throw a water bottle, selfie-worthy sunglasses, and a portable phone charger into your super durable (and super cute) backpack, and you'll be ready to hit the road.

Scroll down for all the healthy essentials you need for your mindful mobile vacay, from instant matcha to an instant camera.

healthy road trip essentials
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Made In Nature Figgy Pops

The best road trips are fueled by delicious and nutritious snacks—and the new, nut-butter-filled Figgy Pops seriously deliver. Get a burst of energy from flavors like Nutter and Jelly, Apricot Cashew, and Mocha Almond to satisfy both salty and sweet cravings.

road trip essentials
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Destination Collection S’well bottle, $35

Staying hydrated is key, so don't forget to pack a refillable water bottle that will keep your favorite bev frosty even if you don't have time to stop for ice. Plus, the outdoors-inspired designs totally match your adventurous mojo.

Healthy road trip essentials
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Polaroid camera, $178

Capture instant memories that won't just get lost in your phone's camera roll with an instant snapshot device. (Bonus point if you bring tape and decorate the dashboard.)

road trip essentials
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Mirrored Aviators, $175

What’s a road trip without cool sunnies? These reflective ones will make for an awesome rear-view mirror Polaroid, just sayin'.

road trip essentials
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Instant matcha packets, $20

 To get your caffeine fix without making a pit-stop, bring along portable matcha packets. Just mix with water, shake, and keep the energy flowing.

road trip essentials
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Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix

DIY your own batch of trail mix for noshing en route. Made In Nature dried cranberries and raisins sweeten up the blend, with pumpkin seeds, almonds and walnuts to make it uber-filling (add cacao nibs if you want a chocolate boost). Follow this recipe—and remember to share.

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Headband, $18 

To keep your hair in place while cruising with the windows down, have a cute accessory handy. Who has time to tame a tangled mane when there are roadside excursions to be had?

Healthy road trip essentials
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Portable charger, $30

Make sure your tech is always on deck for Instagrammable moments with a portable charger. This one from Aukey can charge two devices at once, and carries enough juice to re-charge an iPhone 7 more than four times. Looks like you'll be nominated to be in-car DJ.

road trip essentials
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Made-to-last backpack, $139

Keep everything organized—and portable for roadside detours on foot—with a rugged backpack designed for adventuring. Impromptu outdoor excursions, here you come.

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