There Are 3k Audio Workouts on Aaptiv—but These Are the 10 Best Ones

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I dipped my toe in the audio fitness fad with extreme trepidation. As in, *shakes head*, there's no way, no how that a pre-recorded coach shouting at me through my earbuds could replace the heart-pumping joy of dropping in to a boutique studio class. Wow, was I wrong.

Within a week of queueing up my first-ever treadmill workout on Aaptiv—an on-demand fitness app that offers almost every sweat modality, from boxing to HIIT—I wouldn't shut up about it. Seriously, I became the company's unofficial PR rep who blurted out my undying love for the app both to those who asked (like my charitable friends) and those who didn't (my humble apologies, cashier(s) at Trader Joe's).

I'm not alone in my fanfare: All-in-all, the app creates heart-pumping content for 200,000 members in 20 countries across the globe. My mom, my sister, my cousin, two of my friends, and a few colleagues are now among them—so I've compared notes with a small pool of fellow-obsessives. While no, I haven't done all 3,000 classes available on the app, I have sweated through enough to know which ones emerge supreme—at least, IMO.

Below, I've rounded up 10 of the best-of-the-best with the hope that you, too, will be psyched to gush about your latest digitally-led strength training session to anyone in earshot. (And if you don't have an account yet, consider hopping on their free trial.) Behold, the 10 best Aaptiv workouts to queue up for your next sweat sesh.

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The 10 best Aaptiv workouts

1. "Shoutout to My Ex," for a girl-power-fueled treadmill run

Whenever I start to feel like I've lost my running mojo, I fall back on this 53-minute tread sesh. Apart from a breakup-inspired playlist that features everyone from Little Mix to Beyonce, the run is divided by 10-minute increments in styles including sprints, threshold pace, and incline repeats. The combo of the format and the power playlist makes the regimen fly by. And TBH, I'm always kind of sad when it's over.

2. "Good Morning Yoga Stretch," for when you want to start your day on a slow and gooey note

Can't make it to that a.m. hour-long yoga class? No sweat. You can unroll your mat at home and greet the morning with this 20-minute session that includes crowd-pleasing asanas like sun salutations, pigeon, and more.

3. "Around the World," for when you hate the stairclimber, but know it can lead to #gains

The stairclimber and I have a hate-hate relationship, but I'm well-aware that it can help strengthen the muscle groups I need to become a better runner. I'm not going to lie: I think the best part about this sesh is that it's only 9 minutes. Meaning, you can tack it on to the beginning of a workout to warm up, or the end to burn said muscle groups out.

4. "Tread and Shed," for when you want a hybrid treadmill-strength training experience

This 41-minute routine is led by Jeanette Jenkins (AKA, The Hollywood Trainer). In between doing your thing on the treadmill, you'll hop off to perform weighted exercises like tricep kickbacks and overhead presses. This is a sweaty one, y'all.

5. "Build a Booty," for when you want to work those glutes and move on

Another 20-minute done-and-dusted-style circuit, this equipment-free strength training workout will lead you through squat walks, high knees, and all the lunges you can handle.

6. "Two-Minute Plank Challenge," for the cherry on top of literally any workout

120 second in your forearm plank—go (to a killer beat, obvs). This one earns a spot on the list because you can insert it into your workouts, add it to your a.m. routine, or use it to start a lunchtime core challenge with your co-workers.

7. "Meg's Theory Workout," for when you want an Orange Theory-style workout from the comfort of your own gym 

HIIT + treadmill = this seriously sweaty workout. Meg's theory alternates between 45-second sprints and 30 seconds of speed-driven moves like high knees and air squats.

8. "Backstreet n Sync," for when you want to celebrate you #TBT with everyone's favorite boy bands

Up until two months ago, I held a somewhat snobby view of the elliptical—until I was humbled. Now, I partner this workout up with another on-app core option and just wait for my muscles to be sore the next day.

9. "Cycle to the Top," for when you want to climb hills in your workout (and your everyday life)

You know in spin class when the teacher cranks up an ultra-inspiring tune and yells something like: "Climb that hill!" Well, this class is the audio form of that experience. Prepare to crank the gear and pop in and out of your saddle.

10. "Quick Neck Stretch," for when you feel like you're carrying everything in your shoulders

This 9-minute one's great to have on hand for when 3 p.m. strikes and you realize your abysmal posture has left you stiff and sore. Find a conference room to yourself and rehab your body. Your spine will thank you.

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