Watch Out, Tread Desk: These in-Office Abs Moves Are Coming for Your Spotlight

Photo: Getty Images/Andrey Popov
When it comes to exercising in the office, there are a few different methods you can use that get your body moving without even having to leave the comfort of your desk. There's the tread desk that lets you work while you're getting your steps in, the sneaky under-the-table elliptical, and even the yoga series you can do right in your chair. But if those aren't enough, there's a trained-approved way you can take things up a notch or two.

If you're not ashamed of crushing your #fitnessgoals surrounded by co-workers—and possibly getting a few side-eyes in the process—celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins has a not-so-discreet abs-strengthening deskside routine that will certainly make you feel the burn. Despite being a little extra, the fact that she's worked with Alicia Keys, P!nk, and Serena Williams in the past is all the reassurance you need to know this workout is going to put you on the path to some seriously impressive results.

So, ready to get after it at work? Jenkins' series has eight different exercises you can do at your standing desk, or with any stable surface to hold onto. And don't be fooled: Even though she doesn't have a drop of sweat or a single loose hair post-workout, this fairly intense routine might require a trip to the bathroom to freshen up afterward.

Try the in-office abs workout for yourself

1. Cross torso knee to elbows
2. Long arm side crunches
3. Bent arm side crunches
4. Cross torso toe touches
5. Ab planks
6. Ab planks with alternate knees
7. Opposite arm and leg plank holds
8. Knee to elbows

Once your muscles are popping in the new year, all those weird looks from your coworkers will be more than worth it.

Try this 15-minute toning series you can do at your desk. Or if you want to sneak in some in-office exercise without looking like you did, here's how it's done.

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