These 7 Accessories for Sex That *Aren’t* Vibrators Will Rev Up Your Pleasure Experience

When looking to up-level pleasure experiences with the help of toys and other tools, the mind commonly turns to vibrators and personal lubricant. And sure, that inclination checks out: Both types of products are practical and effective paths to take for reaching your climax (whether you use both at the same time or in isolation). But, why limit yourself and stop there? When it comes to accessories for sex, plenty of neat products are available on the market that can help you optimize your pleasure and help it reach new depths—no vibrator in sight.

Of course, the world of accessories for sex is vast, so today, we'll narrow that focus on practical-leaning picks to both improve the pleasure quotient of sex sessions and also make them easier to see out. Consider the following seven accessories for sex as problem-solvers for any annoying interruptions that may come up, irritating cleanups, or any other not-so-pleasurable side effects to a sexual experience.

Keep reading to learn about 7 accessories for sex that have nothing to do with a vibrator.

1. Ohnut

Shop Now: Ohnut set of 4, $65

If you're someone with a vagina who finds penetrative sex to be painful, Ohnut is for you. Furthermore, pain aside, if a penetrative sex toy or human penis is simply too much to take in, this product is likewise to the rescue. Its wearable rings allow people to control the depth of penetration and they have a natural, skin-like feel.

2. Liberator Fascinator Throw Moisture Proof Blanket

Shop Now: Liberator Fascinator Throw Moisture Proof Blanket, $99

This throw comes with an in-all-caps glowing recommendation from sex writer and influencer Gabrielle Kassel as an accessory that's "soooo good for people who squirt." It's a moisture-proof blanket specifically designed to soak up all the uh, fluids that are involved during sex (which is a better strategy to use than, say, ruining your favorite towel). It's available in four colors.

3. Maude Burn no. 1

Shop Now: Maude Burn no. 1, $25

Made by inclusive sexual wellness brand Maude and developed in a "master scent house" in Brooklyn, this massage candle exudes an aroma of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean and Medjool date. You can use it for mood-setting in your room, or you can heat things up by pouring the oil for a truly warming massage.

4. Dame Pillo

A sex pillow is like a yoga block, but for your sex life

Shop Now: Dame Pillo, $95

The Dame Products Pillo is designed so you can nail those tricky positions and hit all the right angles. Oh, and another fringe benefit? It makes marathon sex even easier.

5. Feel Fresh Cleaning Wipes

Shop Now: Feel Fresh Cleaning Wipes, $12

Should you clean your vagina after sex? Mmm, probably. In a pinch, though, these cleansing wipes are here to help and save you some time. Sexual wellness brand Cake offers this option, which is Ph-balanced (great if you're a vulva-owner). As a bonus, it has added honeysuckle for skin softness.

6. Tether

Shop now: Tether, $12

When I was a teenager, I had an arsenal of neon duct tape that I used for my sexperiences, and well, let's just say I don't advise the stuff to be repurposed as accessories for sex. That's where Tether tape comes in: It's good if you're into the pleasure and not so much into hair-ripping pain. It only sticks to itself, ensuring you'll be able to release your partner without conflict. But don't worry; it's strong enough to make sure they stay put for when it matters.

7. Sex Journal

Shop now: Sex Journal for Couples, $26

I mean, why not? If you're elevating your sex life to brand new heights, you might as well track every single minute and movement, right?

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