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Acid League’s Flavored Living Tonics Offer the ACV Benefits for People Who Hate ACV

Francesca Krempa

Photo: Acid League
Apple cider vinegar is loaded with RD-approved nutrients, from skin-saving antioxidants to gut-supporting probiotics. But ACV tastes awful. Anyone brave enough to rip a shot of the stuff knows that it doesn't go down easy. But I've ditched drinking it straight up for something much more palatable: Acid League Living Tonics ($60). These flavored ACVs are a game-changer for anyone who wants all the benefits without the burn.

Now, I know—flavored apple cider vinegar made me raise my eyebrows, too. As is, ACV is already tough enough to swallow with its super sour flavor profile. Throw flavors like passion fruit and coffee on top of that? It's a little suspect to wrap your mind around.


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Acid League — Living Tonics Tasting Set — $60.00

Sample all three flavors in a tasting set or buy a matching set of your favorite one.

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Made by Acid League, a curator of all-things acidic and fermented, the Living Tonics are crafted with premium functional ingredients designed to support your brain and body health. As the name suggests, each bottle contains "living mother of vinegar"—an unfiltered substance found in live cultures (think: kombucha). This "mother" is a hotbed of good bacteria, like probiotics, but also prebiotics and postbiotics for all-around gut health.

A batch of bacteria is standard with ACV. But what makes Acid League tonics stand out is a list of functional ingredients found in each bottle. Each flavor has a different function that's supported through infused herbs and botanicals. Coffee Maple Chaga is packed with adaptogens and antioxidants to energize the brain while reducing inflammation. Passion Fruit Oolong blends honey and sea buckthorn berries for an immunity boost. Vanilla Manuka Spice is a digestive-supporting vinegar thanks to the Manuka honey.

To be honest, they all taste good... really good. The Coffee Maple Chaga features a deep chocolatey flavor that seamlessly conceals the traditionally acidic, fiery burn of other ACVs. If you're after somthing a little lighter in flavor, sip the Manuka Vanilla Spice, which blends the sweetness of Madagascar vanilla with hints of cinnamon and honey. My personal favorite, however, the Passion Fruit Oolong, doesn't taste anything like vinegar, instead rivaling a really tangy juice.

Acid League Living Tonics are the ACVs for people who hate ACVs. No more gagging or choking down your daily dose of probiotics. These pretty flavored tonics are about to change your daily routine. The tasting set is available for $60, or you can subscribe and get a 30-day supply of tonic delivered to your door for $51 each month.

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