6 Good Things That Come From Having Acne, According to Redditors

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Acne is always thought of as the enemy. Pimples spring up unwanted, can wreck your self-confidence, and take much longer than you'd like to go away. Blemish products are meant to kill pimples off and get rid of the evidence (i.e. acne scars) that they ever even existed. But it's not all gloom and doom and tactical matters.

In fact, after perusing the Skincare Addiction threads on Reddit, I stumbled upon a very inspiring post about everything good that comes from having the much-dreaded skin condition. Seriously—while you may be preoccupied with doing everything  you can in order to fight your acne, you're not realizing the surprising perks that come along with it. In a time when the acne positivity movement is afoot (thank goodness) and people are embracing blemishes, and it's a really nice feeling to stop and be (somewhat) grateful for what you're going through in the midst of your zit woes.

Keep scrolling for the 6 benefits to having acne, according to Redditors.

benefits of acne
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1. You eat better

"After I got acne, I haven't touched a single soda for like six months and my diet consist of veggies and fruits now," one Redditor writes. "I didn't even used to know the meaning of gluten-free back then, now when I [grocery shop] I actually look at the ingredients before purchasing." It's true—chances are you're well more aware of inflammatory foods that affect your complexion. And are all the healthier for it.

2. You're the dermatologist in your friend group

"My friends actually get surprised of how much I know about a certain skin product," one person writes. "I love how they react when I tell them about all the different ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and etc. like I'm a lab scientist." Yep,  you're the one perusing beauty labels like a pro.

3. You make extra friends

Acne truly brings people together. "When I see a person suffering [from] acne, I always approach them and let them know how special they are," says one Redditor. "I made a lot of friends on online forums too. Seeing everyone's skin progress makes me feel really happy for them."

4. Oily skin has benefits

"I got to know that people with oily skin tend to have thicker skin and fewer wrinkles," writes one Redditor. There has been a recent study that says acne sufferers have a delay in wrinkle formation due to oily skin, so there is science behind it.

5. You've learned how to accept yourself

"I learned the purpose of loving yourself the hard way," one Redditor says. "Even if you have flaws, you are still beautiful and no one deserves the right to degrade you." If you're someone that's dealt with the hardship of acne for a big chunk of your life, chances are that you've reached a point where you've come to terms with it and learned to love yourself regardless—which is the most important thing.

6. You're a pro at self care

"When you have acne, you learn to work towards getting a handle on your skin, using the right products, and practicing self care," another Redditor writes. "When your skin clears up, you are armed with a routine and knowledge that puts you way ahead of people who have never learned to take care of their skin." After hours spent practicing a comprehensive skin-care regimen and taking the time to make your complexion as healthy as possible, you've definitely become an expert at self care.

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