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9 Game-Changing Face Masks for When Your Skin’s Breaking Out

Rachel Lapidos

Rachel LapidosApril 2, 2018

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Pretty much everyone with a breakout has recreated that scene from Mrs. Doubtfire where Robin Williams sticks his face into a pie to make it look like a face mask. Because when you want to stop pimples in their tracks, the quickest route is globbing on a zit-busting mask (oh and it’s also a pretty good way to hide the fact that your true identity isn’t an elderly British nanny, too).

Thankfully, countless zit-zapping face masks exist that fight those pesky nuisances, filled with ingredients like detoxifying sulfur, pore-clearing clay, and exfoliating fruit enzymes. Personally, even though serums and toners can contain similar acne-fighting ingredients, indulging in the skin-boosting self-care treatment of a face mask will always make me feel human again.

From May Lindstrom’s cult-fave Problem Solver to a probiotic-rich option by Marie Veronique, these are the tried-and-true face masks that I’ve continually turned to (frantically) while facing a pimple. Consider them skin saviors.

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