We Asked Over 700 People About Their Acne—Here’s What They Had to Say

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Acne is a hot topic. Personally, I could chat about it all day every day (and this week, in our Ultimate Guide to Acne, we will be). It's the most common skin condition in America—one that 85 percent of the population have had to deal with at some point. Despite the fact that acne's pretty universal, we all battle it in private. Sure, we swap tips on the top spot treatments and trade concealer hacks like nobody's business, but how acne makes us feel? That, we go alone.

Until now.

Well+Good asked 725 of our readers about their acne in an effort to get everything out in the air—from the age you were greeted with your first pimple to how strongly acne impacts your mental health. The survey results revealed a couple of things: First, despite what someone may tell you, please never ever (ever, ever, ever) put urine on your breakout. Second, we're just starting to wake up to the fact that stress and breakouts are inextricably tied. The rest? May we now present the results to you, uninterrupted.

Acne Infographic
Graphic: Well+Good Creative

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