We Want to Talk About Acne, but We Need Your Help!

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When it comes to skin gripes, acne is at the tippity top of the list of concerns our readers are looking to solve. And while stars (ahem: Justin Bieber) are embracing the acne-positivity movement by telling fans they don't need to pile on the concealer, many of us are still looking to kick hormonal breakouts (AKA those that rear their angry, inflamed heads at a certain time of the month) to the curb or find solutions for ever-present cystic acne.

Plus, Well+Good editors hear from dermatologists and estheticians all the time that these days, more of us are dealing with these issues than ever before. So, we're working on a project that we need your help with. Take four minutes and fill out this survey to tell us all about your relationship with acne. We'll be back with the full report soon. (Can't wait, right?)

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Until we can tell you more about what we're working on, here's a guide to dealing with your hormonal acne and these are the 7 acne treatments dermatologists recommend to nix your pimples.

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