The Activewear Brand These Superstar Instructors Swear By


You know those trainers who look effortlessly put together, even when doing a burpee or cheering you on mid leg-lift? Nope, they're not unicorns—they just know a few style secrets.

So we asked four superstar trainers to spill their tips for pulling together a look that holds up from workout to street—and generally how to make things look so easy.

One biggie? The instant-chicness—and no-joke performance—of Tory Sport activewear.

"The first time I tried on their leggings...they're like butter on your skin," muses Tone House head coach Christi Marraccini. "At Tone House, we do a lot of different movements and we’re all over the studio the entire class. Whether I’m taking class or coaching, I have to have a pant that I’m not going to worry about. And I know I can rely on Tory Sport for that.”

FLEX Studios' Mary Wolff agrees. “I feel good in it and it’s super-functional," she explains. (Frankly, that's a combo that's hard to come by—especially when stretching it out on a Reformer.)

The two instructors came together along with Leslie Greenwood of SLT and Joanna Castro of Body Space Fitness to model their favorite looks from the collection at Tory Sport Flatiron. Team Well+Good was on hand—along with elixirs from REBBL and a raffle with amazing fitness prizes—so naturally, we gathered all the little details for nailing your athleisure look.

Want to know how instructors from studios like Tone House and FLEX basically look like fit-fashion models 24/7? Keep reading and score a chance to win a Tory Sport prize package!

Joanna Castro, Christi Marraccini, Leslie Greenwood, and Mary Wolff. Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

One cold-weather styling trick this fashionable crew uses across the board? Loading up on long-sleeve tops that fit like a glove, zip-ups that let you move, and cozy sweatshirts.

“I think the main thing to consider is layering, especially given that it’s cold outside over the holidays," says Greenwood. "A really great soft sweatshirt is key. I like one that’s a little bit longer that will cover you up when you’re sitting on the train.”

In photo (from left): On Castro, Tory Sport Mesh Quarter-Zip Pullover, $125; on Marraccini and Wolff, Tory Sport Seamless Quarter-Zip Pullover, $125; on Greenwood, Tory Sport Seamless Side-Slit Top, $95

Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good
Leslie Greenwood. Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

The age-old dilemma: How to spice up an all-black workout wardrobe, without losing the sophistication factor. The solution? Going for a smart palette and retro prints that maintain a chic edge.

"Sometimes New Yorkers tend toward black, so it’s a good way to push yourself out of your comfort zone by adding just a pop of color," Greenwood notes. "If you look at my Instagram, I’m always on a background of bright, crazy color. So I love that Tory Sport’s not afraid to use it, either."

On Greenwood: Tory Sport Mesh-Back Bra, $70; Tory Sport Color-Block Leggings, $125

Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good
Christi Marraccini. Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

Yep, you want to look put together once you walk out of the studio door. But you still want workout attire that holds up to a sweat-fueled session.

“Always bring an extra tank," Marraccini recommends. "Especially in your Tory Sport leggings, you’re good to wear them to class and then right after to wear them to the street. But I get a little sweaty, so having an extra tank and dressing in layers definitely helps.”

On Marraccini: Tory Sport Seamless Quarter-Zip Pullover, $125; Tory Sport Mesh-Back Bra, $60; Tory Sport Chevron Leggings, $125

Mary Wolff. Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

When in doubt, go for a retro-cool cut. “I love the ’70s of it," Wolff says of Tory Sport. "I feel like I was born in the wrong decade anyway. And it’s like chic vintage style—but now."

On Wolff: Tory Sport Seamless Quarter-Zip Pullover, $125; Tory Sport Seamless Cropped Leggings, $95

Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good
Joanna Castro. Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

For Castro, the number-one element in her gym outfit is a pair of won't-quit leggings. "Tory Sport’s fit comfortably and they’re so flattering," she says of this navy set.

Lesson: Throw on a monochrome head-to-toe look with a dash of detail and a braided updo, and you are studio-to-street certified.

On Castro: Tory Sport Mesh Quarter-Zip Pullover, $125; Tory Sport Essential Leggings, $110

Missed us at the Tory Sport bash? No worries! Enter for a chance to win a $1,000 Tory Sport wardrobe (plus class passes to all of the studios above and SoulCyle) at 

Top photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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