The Ultimate Ranking of the Most Comfortable Undies You Can Buy

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At this point, athleisure and loungewear have become the norm. In lieu of hard pants (aka jeans... #TBT) and blouses, people are turning to only the softest, coziest pieces of clothing for everyday garb. But your quarantine wardrobe might be missing some activewear underwear.

Most people are very familiar with the leggings, sports bras, light-as-air tops, and hoodies that make up athleisure staples. If you didn't know, though, here's a fun fact: The same brands that make your fave workout wear also likely make underwear, too. And, as you'd imagine, these aren't your regular undies—these are as soft and comfortable (and sometimes sweat-wicking!) as the rest of your activewear.

The cloud-like material is what makes ath-undies (new term, you heard it here first) worth turning to. Unlike regular underwear, athleisure underwear doesn't leave that dreaded outline that shows everyone behind you the shape of your intimates. These babies are as seamless as underwear can get, which means that they also move along with your body for ultimate comfort. To get your hands on a pair (or three), keep scrolling for our power ranking of the best activewear underwear that you can buy.

1. Girlfriend Collective Brief, $14

Photo: Girlfriend Collective

Well+Good News Writer Kara Jillian Brown swears by this pair of briefs for being comfortable enough to wear when she's working from home. "Working from home means I’m living in leggings, but there’s nothing cozy about sitting around in a thong," she says. "I love that I can throw on my Girlfriend Collective undies when I need something seamless and comfy." Another perk of these? The material is made out of 80-percent of recycled plastic, so they're also good for the environment.

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Brief, $14

2. Alo Airbrush Invisible Cheeky, $18

Photo: Alo

New to the ath-undies scene are Alo intimates, which come in both a cheeky brief and seamless thong shape. Like the brand's dreamy leggings, the underwear are also light-as-air, breathable, and made to hug your body for the perfect fit. They're so light that you won't even feel 'em on you, which is the best thing to hear about underwear TBH.

Shop now: Alo Airbrush Invisible Cheeky, $18

3. Lively The All-Day Thong, $10

Photo: Lively

You know how you can just tell when you're wearing a thong? Somehow, this pair by Lively doesn't give you that dreaded flossing sensation. It's so light, it almost feels like you're going commando, but provides just enough lining and coverage for everyday wear.

Shop now: Lively The All-Day Thong, $10

4. Good American Low Impact Bikini, $19

Photo: Good American

Good American made waves with its perfectly snug leggings and jeans (seriously: their jeans are so cozy), and the same applies to the brand's active intimates. You can choose between a bikini cut and a thong, both of which have a soft compression fabric that stretches with your body and leaves no underwear outline at all.

Shop now: Good American Low Impact Bikini, $19

5. Lululemon Soft Seamless Hipster, 18

Photo: Lululemon

One of the most annoying things about traditional pairs of underwear is that they tend to ride right up whenever you move (the squat wedgie is real). Lululemon makes active-friendly panties that won't ever do this. They're smooth, thin, and made from a sweat-wicking fabric that'll do you good whether you're WFH or streaming a workout class.

Shop now: Lululemon Soft Seamless Hipster, 18

6. Les Girls Les Boys Supersoft Thong, $20

Photo: Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys is a brand launched by the founder of Agent Provocateur, so you know it's good. This super-soft thong has a flattering high-waisted cut with ribbed trim and is one of few thong options that you'd actually want to wear every single day.

Shop now: Les Girls Les Boys Supersoft Thong, $20

7. Sweaty Betty Sculpt Bikini Briefs, $18

Photo: Sweaty Betty

Athleisure aficionados love Sweaty Betty for its eye-grabbing prints and snug fabrics that you never want to take off. Its ath-undies do the brand justice: They're breathable, feather-light, and have a cotton lining, all of which make 'em ideal for those days when you never leave the couch (or even for your workouts).

Shop now: Sweaty Betty Sculpt Bikini Briefs, $18

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