Politically Charged: Tap Into Your Activism Style by Sign To Strike Change

With Politically Charged, a monthly column by QueerCosmos astrologer and Well+Good Changemaker Colin Bedell, you’ll get a look at what’s happening in political and astrological spheres—specifically where they converge.

This month, following the murder of George Floyd, demonstrations have take place globally to demand racial justice and dismantle systems that support and propagate the ongoing oppression of Black people. But protesting is just one of many ways to strike change. Below, learn what zodiac sign rules your activism sector, and how that informs your activism style, by sign.

In the past month, we've resurfaced a historically overdue conversation on the absence of racial equity in the United States and beyond. Existing within a pressure cooker of current astrological transits, this moment critically explores both the perennial consequences of colonization and white supremacy.

And to be sure, the astrological is political because the spiritual is political. We understood this connection in the '60s: While applying the civil rights movement, protesting the war in Vietnam, and impeaching a president, the counterculture studied spiritual teacher Ram Dass and the I Ching.

So what stands before us now, in 2020, is a critical exploration of how our spiritual methods (including but not limited to astrology) can help us deconstruct the systems of racism and work toward racial equity.

Frameworks like racial-justice activist Deepya Iyer’s “Mapping Our Roles in a Social Change Ecosystem” show that many different strategies, beyond joining protests and demonstrations, exist for each person to effectively contribute to this movement. To start, you can teach those who don't understand, donate to causes that support your goals, spend your money with companies that align with your values, educate yourself and share your learnings, and, of course, vote.

Your astrological signature is designed to help you find your specific contribution for striking effective change. Below, you’ll learn your activism style by sign, based on the zodiac ruler of your activism sector and your sun or rising sign. Of course, there's not a single way to see out a social-justice cause—and every person, no matter their sign, is free and welcome to try many strategies—but the stars may provide a welcome hint of where to start.

Find your activism style by sign to strike effective social change.


As a natural leader, which is anyone who chooses to take responsibility for cultivating the potential of others, you can inspire others to rise to this occasion so powerfully. Aquarius rules your activism, so you understand shared humanity. None of us is free unless all of us are free. You help this movement by reframing others’ consciousness so they understand what happens outside their perception has a direct impact on them.


You don’t forget a fact, detail, or circumstances of the past, Taurus, so you can serve this moment by honoring Pisces as the ruler of your activism. Help others locate the historical causes of these systems of oppression and introduce rituals of apology and forgiveness. This practice is a marathon not a sprint, of course, so take the time to research how theorists contextualize apologies and forgiveness so you can stay grounded in the theory.


The world changes when conversations change, Gemini. A master writer, orator, and listener, you can serve this moment by introducing new inquiries that become the container for new conversations. Aries is the ruler or your activism which requires you to know that you can be a pioneer by asking uncomfortable but necessary questions. Since when you speak, others listen carefully, you can use your gift of communication to change the world.


We have to stay grounded in our understanding of values in order to review choices for integrity. With Taurus as your ruling activism sign, you, Cancer, are a steward of this security. Ask yourself what your values are, and then do the same for the people you align with. Ask about justice, inclusion, compassion, and equity, and whether or not perceptions, politics, and choices reflect the practicing (not just a professing!) of those values.


The nature of the relationship determines the outcome of the meaningful dialogue, Leo. You understand how other people experience others. With Gemini as the ruler of your activism, you’re meant to help people feel seen, heard, and understood by incorporating safety in all your conversations. (Remember, we can be safe and uncomfortable). So be a facilitator of dialogue who helps people find wins.


You understand the role of belonging, family, and emotional safety within activism, which is ruled by Cancer for you. Keep conversations and movements centered on the emotions and what/how it feels to belong or not belong. Without a sense of belonging, it’s easy to feel lonely and hopeless, and you’re the shelter and caregiver to those who need tender love and care.


Justice, thy name is Libra! You're born to take the lead of objectivity and justice with the scales as your sacred symbol. Your activism sign is ruled by Leo, so you have to own the spiritual truth that you’re meant to inspire. Start working on the resilience of being seen and standing in leadership and authority positions, because you’re going to have to stand alone powerfully.


The divine is in the details, Scorpio: With Virgo as the ruler of your activism sector, you’re an organizer, analyzer, and research of the highest caliber. Your attention to the micro has a huge impact on the macro, so you’ll want to start letting your curiosity and project-management skills guide you to the missions, advocates, and work where you’re happy to provide critical information and data that influences the outcomes.


Can we do anything without trust, Sagittarius? You understand how authenticity builds or betrays a movement. With Libra ruling your activism, you want to see how the giving and receiving of trust energizes the work. You’ll then have to be the truth-teller more often than not and help others understand where trust is located, why, and what we can all do to recover from trust betrayals and rebuild trust if appropriate for the movement.


With Scorpio ruling your activism, you’re responsible for the location of righteous power and identifying abuses of power. You’ll then be able to transform low-level power by implementing the demands of justice. You have tremendous moral authority on the issue, so don’t hold back.


How do we hold aloft a vision of hope, Aquarius? That’s all you! Sagittarius rules your activism sector, so you’re responsible for illustrating a vision of what’s possible when equity is achieved. You’re forever answering the question of the “Why?” which is informing all the social justice mobilizing, organizing, and lobbying. So contemplate deeply on what’s waiting for us, and name it.


Use anger as a catalyst, not a partner in the movement, Pisces. Your activism style by sign, ruled by Capricorn, is to focus on what healthy emotion regulation looks like. Use your feelings that guide you to righteous behavior. As you remain regulated, you’re the spiritual change agent who knows how to transform systems from the bottom-up. You can mobilize so many through your wisdom, strength, and focused resilience.

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