4 Ways to Give Your Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail a Festive Holiday Makeover

Photo: Stocksy/Susan Brooks Dammann
They say there's a time and a place for everything, and alcohol—much like ice cream—is an indulgence that (#sorrynotsorry) sometimes begs to be indulged, especially during the holidays. Some good news: Cocktails can actually be healthy-ish! And while you may have real and attainable healthy goals in mind for the New Year, 'tis the season to live a little.

Because I like to err on the healthy side, I plan to enjoy my alcoholic beverages with a hit of apple cider vinegarACV is so tart that even alone, it can feel like taking a straight shot of liquor, but mixed with your bourbon cocktail, the strong flavors actually complement each other.

See 4 holiday-appropriate ACV-infused cocktails below.

Bourbon acv cocktail
Photo: Laura Silverman

1. Bourban and apple cider vinegar cocktail

This seasonal cocktail is foolproof, insanely easy to whip up, and features one of this seasons buzziest flavors: maple.

Recipe for apple cider vinegar shrub kombucha cocktail
Photo: Unsplash/Tim Wright

2. Apple cider vinegar, whiskey, and kombucha cocktail

This recipe from Wellness Council member Lily Kunin doubles down on gut-health–boosting properties by using both ACV and 'buch.

ACV turmeric bourbon cocktail
Photo: Stocksy/Cameron Whitman

3. A Joan Didion–inspired ACV and turmeric bourbon cocktail

Not only is this cocktail inspired by one of the most prolific and badass writers alive, but it also reads like a grocery list of super ingredients (turmeric, ACV, ginger). With a side of bourbon, of course.

Photo: Brandon O’Leary

4. The Tituba

Trendy speakeasy The Garret (it's hidden above a Five Guys outpost in Manhattan's West Village) shared its recipe for an ACV and carrot juice cocktail that's seasonally appropriate and delicious.

If you're looking for champagne options, here's how to pick one with less sugar. Also, here's why you might start seeing cannabis-infused cocktails on bar menus.

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