8 Accessible Fall Style Essentials for People With Disabilities From Tommy Hilfiger’s Adaptive Line

Photo: Tommy Hilfiger & Well+Good Creative
Think back to the last time you flipped through a fashion magazine. Did the glossy pages and poses seem reflective of you and your crew? Probably not. The style status quo is shifting a bit, for sure, but there’s plenty of work to be done when it comes to true representation of all people.

Case in point: Did you know that one in five people globally identify as disabled (and the other four have a disabled friend or family member)? And the biggest industries—yes, fashion included—don't exactly reflect those stats. That's why when an iconic designer steps up with a fashion line to help support people of all abilities and their caregivers, you pay attention.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive is exactly that: A collection of classic-modern pieces for the entire family with functional innovations like easy closures, seated wear, adjustability for prosthetics, sensory-friendly fabrics, and more to make style more accessible to all.

“Most of the world was designed without disability in mind,” Christina Mallon, director of inclusive design at Microsoft and chief brand officer at Open Style Lab, says. Historically, the adaptive fashion space has been limited—and the few options that do exist have been geared toward older demographics, Mallon says. This under-representation has personally affected her since 2010 when, at 22 years old, her arms became paralyzed. “One of the hardest things about being disabled is not being able to easily dress myself in any outfit, as I express myself through fashion."

So when Mallon had a chance to try out a few pieces from the fall Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive line, she was thrilled. She selected wardrobe essentials like elastic-waist pants, which are perfect for her busy work schedule, and style statements like colorful blazers, for fun nights out with friends. Her verdict on the collection? She’s all in. “I had an amazing experience trying on items from the latest Adaptive line,” she says. “The increase in adaptive options means that we are moving in the right direction toward equality.”

And with a cart full of Tommy Hilfiger finds, that direction is just as fashionable—and fun—as it is functional.

Keep reading for Mallon's favorite adaptive clothing picks from Tommy Hilfiger.

  1. 1. Belted Floral Stripe Dress, $149

    Is there anything better than a ‘fit that’ll take you seamlessly from day to night? This easy-to-wear frock works for any occasion—and with magnetic closures, a functional D-ring belt, and a splashy pattern contrast, Mallon calls it a preppy-chic essential for fall.

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  2. 2. Cotton-Linen Blazer, $109

    “My friends are really loving this Barbie-core trend, so I had to join in the fun,” Mallon says. A hot pink blazer with magnetic closures checks the boxes for her—and the lightweight, lightly structured fit is perfect for a crisp autumn day.

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  3. 3. White Long-Sleeve Zip Polo, $60

    For a cozy, classic option that layers well under her pink blazer, Mallon opts for a neutral collared polo. The chic gold zipper, designed with an accessible ring pull, makes slipping on a little easier and exudes effortless style as she bounces between virtual meetings.

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  4. 4. Black Long-Sleeve Zip Polo, $60

    And you can’t go wrong with a black option in your closet, too, especially as the weather winds down. For a bit of help pulling on, the polos are designed with a wide neck. More staples and less getting-dressed decision fatigue, please.

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  5. 5. Striped Wide-Leg Pants, $80

    Adaptive clothing is essential for so many reasons—and Mallon puts career path at the top of that list. “These adaptive fashions can be the difference of someone having a job or not,” she says. “The elastic-waist pull-on pants from Tommy Hilfiger are the reason that I can travel, since I can put them on independently.” And the wide leg and simple stripe make for a timeless fit.

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  6. 6. Floral Midi Skirt, $80

    This A-line skirt is Mallon’s favorite piece in the collection. No buttons or zippers make dressing with limited finger ability a bit easier. And as for the vibe? “The print on the skirt gives the appearance that a portion is embroidered making it feel like it’s a one-of-a-kind piece,” Mallon says. “I liked it so much that I ordered a dress in the same print.”

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  7. 7. Cable Crewneck Sweater, $68

    Pair this classic and versatile crewneck with casual pants—or follow Mallon’s lead and dress it up with the floral midi skirt. Like the long-sleeve polos, this sweater is easy to put on, thanks to zero closures and a wide neck. And in a super-soft cotton-knit fabric, it’ll be on heavy rotation as the temps start to drop.

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  8. 8. Wool Mini Skirt, $70

    For a quintessential fall feel, Mallon loves this chic mini skirt. It’s designed with a front-zip closure and internal pull-up loops for ease in dressing. And the warm-toned fabric and plaid pattern are a subtle and classy nod to the long-awaited pumpkin season.

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