6 Easy Adaptogenic Recipes Pinterest Users Can’t Get Enough Of

Photo: Pinterest/Ascension Kitchen

Although some of us have been waxing poetic about the transformative and multitasking powers of stress-relieving adaptogens for years, it often takes some time for things to catch on in the mainstream. Lately though, adaptogens have been sneaking into tons of products (even skin care). Perhaps it's because folks are extremely stressed and need all the help they can get, or maybe it's that reishi mushrooms taste incredibly similar to chocolate (not complaining). Whatever the reason, adaptogens have been causing a healthy flurry of activity on Pinterest.

In the past year, Pinterest searches for "adaptogens" have increased by 114 percent, and saves for "adaptogens in food" have increased by 247 percent.

In the past year, searches for "adaptogens" have increased by 114 percent on Pinterest, and saves for "adaptogens in food" have increased by 247 percent, a company rep told me via email. If you're looking for additional ways to reap the benefits of stress-reducing, sleep-boosting, healing supershrooms, below are six (easy!) recipes with adaptogens that are trending on Pinterest.

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Before loading up on adaptogenic drinks and snacks, make sure you don't consume too much of the stuff

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