Burnt Out on Cold Brew? This Adaptogenic Mushroom Chai Latte Is a Benefits-Packed Alternative

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A regular ole cup of coffee may offer impressive health benefits, but to really get a bang for your sip, wellness blogger Lee Tilghman, AKA Lee from America, has you covered. The healthy-living guru recently shared a recipe for a DIY iced chai on Instagram Stories that is overflowing with body-boosting ingredients—plus the caffeine you crave in the a.m.

Using chai tea as a base, Tilghman takes her morning to supercharged heights by adding three hardworking wellness ingredients: coconut butter for the Bulletproof treatment, collagen powder for a skin-enhancing and inflammation-fighting boost, and a chaga mushroom elixir for its adaptogenic superpowers. Though Tilghman doesn't mention specific measurements, she does name the exact ingredients she uses, so you can mimic her foamy beverage in your own kitchen.

It's basically all of your favorite wellness superfoods mixed into one creamy cup of morning goodness. Maybe add a sprig of calming lavender to your finished product to operate as a functional (and colorful!) stirrer.

Create your own iced chaga chai latte using the recipe below.

Iced Chaga Chai Latte

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