You Can Wear This Biodegradable Fleece Sweatshirt All Year Long—And I Can’t Take Mine Off

Photo: Aday
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When it comes to fashion, February (and honestly March, too) is a weird month. It's supposed to be winter, but depending on where you live (and the looming threat of global warming...) February is all over the place in terms of temps. One day you wake up to blustering winds and snow on the ground. The next? It's 50 degrees and sunny, spring rapping at your door.

This makes figuring out what to wear not so simple: "Is it going to be cold?", "Should I wear a jacket?", "I don't want to be a swamp creature by noon!" You know the drill. Dressing for winter when it's supposed to be winter but it's actually spring is no easy matter.

Though I have no control over the weather or February's wintery fate, I do have an easy solution you can wear all-year long, regardless of the temps. The Aday All Year Pullover ($165) is a transitional masterpiece that feels good whether it's warm or cold, and is better for Mother Earth than other garments, too.

Aday, All Year Pullover — $165.00

True to its name, you really can wear this light, fleece pullover all year round. Available in sage or taupe.

I know, I know—I realize this looks like just another regular, ole' zip-up. Trust me—it's not. This thermoregulating sweatshirt is made from the brand's newest textile innovation called "Biofleece," a biodegradable fleece lining (note the portmanteau) that warms you, not the planet.

See, traditional fleece is made from a polyester blend (aka, plastic). While some companies have mastered the art of recycled polyester, making it has traditionally been a fossil-fuel sucking process that's rough on the environment. Enter, biofleece, a fabric with a smaller carbon footprint. That's because it's made from Tencel Lyocell, a fiber made from sustainably-grown wood. It's just as soft as regular fleece, minus the plastic. And when it sheds from regular wear-and-tear, any particles that float off will decompose in around 90 days.

Then there's the feel. IMO, the biofleece is a lighter and a bit more breathable than standard fleece. This makes it seamless for those weird, transitional periods (cough cough, early spring/late winter) when temps can rise and drop in a flash. On cold days, the quarter zip makes for a great base layer underneath chunky sweaters or ski clothes. When it gets warm, it can be worn alone without overheating you, or popped over a tank top for a polished, layered look. Rock it with leggings, jeans, a hiking skort, your fave Daisy Dukes—you'll be comfortable however you style it, warm when you want warmth, and cool when you to be cool.

And if the quarter-zip doesn't tickle your fancy, it also comes in a trendy, cropped crew that looks way better than your worn-out college go-to. The Aday Like A Sweatshirt ($165) trades the zipper for a mock neck that's instantly chic. Again, you can wear it alone or over another layer for those chilly days when you want to cozy up. But I'm already planning on wearing mine on cool summer nights and brisk spring days when I want a little bit of layer without overdoing it.

While the rest of February and March are up to the weather gods, you can control your comfort destiny in an eco-friendly sweatshirt that'll take you from season to season. Get your hands on an Aday biofleece sweatshirt and see what I'm talking about.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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