A Collab Between ‘Game of Thrones’ and Adidas’ Iconic Ultraboost Is Coming (and I’d Battle Across the 7 Kingdoms for It)

Photos: All courtesy of Adidas
Today in collaborations that I didn't know I needed but now cannot possibly live without: Adidas has partnered with Game of Thrones on a limited-edition collection of six new varieties of its popular Ultraboost running shoe. Call me Beric Dondarrion, because I just came back to life after seeing this lineup. Thanks Lord of Light slash Adidas, I'll be setting my alarm for 7 a.m. PST on March 22, which is when you can officially order the collection.

I have no shame. I take sneakers very seriously, and I take GoT very seriously. I often "joke" that when Game of Thrones is airing new episodes, it's the most stressful time of the year for me—which is saying something, because I always operate under a high level of stress. I'm currently testing the limits of my anxiety by rewatching all seven seasons before April 14th, when the final season premieres. (I'm close to the Red Wedding, pray for my heart.) But I digress...

As mentioned, the shoes are the brand's iconic Ultraboost, which feature a lightweight and breathable Primeknit upper and the signature supportive sole. Each design in the GoT line was inspired by a different faction in the show and feature the House sigils on the tongue and mottos on the heel tags. The night may be dark and full of terrors, but at least we have these sneakers to bring us joy.

Let's look at the Adidas x Game of Thrones Ultraboost shoes (each $180) one by one.

(As a courtesy and because I am someone who hates spoilers, I feel like I should warn you that the below descriptions include mild spoilers and references to events up to the end of season seven below.)

House Targaryen

These are, in my opinion, the best shoes in the collab. To employ my limited knowledge of High Valerian (finally), they are dracarys—my nerdy way of saying they're the equivalent of approximately 459 fire emojis. They also say "fire and blood" on the back tag, which is so cool…and also might weird out any non-GoT fans who get close enough to read it. But, they aren't GoT fans so who cares what they think.

House Lannister

Clearly I rep House Targaryen, but if your loyalties lie with the Lannisters your shoe is pretty legit, too. The words of their house, "hear me roar," are printed on the back tag, and the crimson and gold colorway is a nod to their sigil. (Bonus! From far away, they could be mistaken for Gryffindor's signature scarlet and gold. But now I'm mixing magical franchises.)

White Walker

Cooler than the Night King's heart, this pair draws inspo from the White Walkers with its icy blue and white color scheme. Perfect for pulling dragons out of a frozen lake, marching over the Wall, or, you know, killing your standard 5K.

Night's Watch

Protect the seven kingdoms from threats beyond the Wall in these Crow-inspired shoes. Pairs wonderfully with the rest of your Westeros cold-weather look. Because as the back tag says…winter is here.

House Stark

Unpopular opinion: Sansa Stark is one of my favorite characters. Please contact me if you would like to see my dissertation as to why. I mean, aside from Bran, all the Starks are pretty great. These black-on-gray kicks feature the house's iconic motto: Winter is coming.

House Targaryen (Men's Edition)

The men's version of House Targaryen is a very on the nose (snout? Because dragons?) interpretation with a design that looks like flames.

Keep your new GoT kicks clean with this baking soda hack. Also, here's why I always wear sneakers on a first date.

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