How Adopting Cats During Quarantine Helped Boost My (and Their) Self-Care Routine In Ways I Wasn’t Expecting

Bringing a pet into your home will automatically deliver a sense of self care, because, tbh, nothing's better than walking into a home filled with so much cuteness (and unconditional love, of course).

But after adopting cats in quarantine (shout out to Frankie and Fran!), I realized the soothing and ultimately gratifying feelings I was experiencing weren't only thanks to our nightly bedtime snuggles or morning selfie time. It was actually taking care of these eight-pound gremlins who run the show in my apartment that was totally filling my tank aka bringing me a sense of self care I'd never truly felt before welcoming in these crazy-but-cute creatures. (Sorry, face masks and bubble baths—you once did the trick.)

Call it the most obvious adulting lesson ever (or was it just Mercury in Retrograde?), but I've actually become *way* more responsible since adopting cats. I know, I know—what did you expect, right? But, before I had these two additional roommates, my responsibilities didn't extend beyond, well, myself. And, looking after their wants, needs, and desires brings me a sense of joy that I was not expecting—and that means pampering them 24/7, starting with their food. (Yes, I'm that cat mom.)

My search for pet food formulated specifically for my indoor cats led me to Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Indoor Cat Food. Made with natural fiber for healthy digestion, high-quality protein, and easy-to-digest ingredients that are super flavorful, it's definitely the highlight of my cats' self-care routine.

Watch the video above for a closer look at how adopting cats in quarantine totally changed my outlook on self care.

Want more cat-care intel? Click here for tips on feeding like Frankie and Fran, and for more info on finding the right food for your pet's needs. 

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